July 1, 1982

To the Congress of the United States:

I am pleased to send you the annual report of the National Science Foundation for fiscal year 1981. It describes research supported by the Foundation in the mathematical, physical, environmental, biological, social, behavioral, and information sciences and in engineering.

In scientific and engineering research there are surely many exciting developments to report. But, as NSF Director John Slaughter notes in his opening statement to this report, research breakthroughs are ``built on thousands of individual research projects done over many years.'' It is that kind of perseverance that makes our scientific enterprise strong. But such perseverance is necessary because in the long-term our economic growth and productivity, our national security, and the general well-being of our people depend on the new knowledge that results from research.

We do face challenges. But I am optimistic about our ability to meet them. I am confident that the Foundation will maintain its record of excellence in advancing science and technology. I commend its work to you.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

July 1, 1982.

Note: The report is entitled ``National Science Foundation -- Thirty-first Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1981'' (Government Printing Office, 127 pages).