February 6, 1986

To the Congress of the United States:

I have reviewed the activities of United States Government departments and agencies during the calendar year 1985 related to preventing nuclear proliferation, and I am pleased to submit my annual report pursuant to section 601(a) of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978 (Public Law 95 - 242).

The report concludes that the United States during 1985 continued to make significant progress in its efforts to achieve its non-proliferation goals.

As I stated in my message to the third Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, my central arms control objective has been to reduce substantially, and ultimately to eliminate, nuclear weapons and rid the world of the nuclear threat. The prevention of the spread of nuclear explosives to additional countries is an indispensable part of our efforts to meet this objective. I intend to continue my pursuit of this goal with untiring determination and a profound sense of personal commitment.

Ronald Reagan
The White House,
February 6, 1986.