October 3, 1983

To the Congress of the United States:

I am pleased to submit to the Congress the fifth Annual Science and Technology Report, as required under the National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976, as amended.

Today the United States faces major challenges to both our economic well-being and our national security. We turn increasingly to science and technology to help us maintain the competitiveness of our industries in the international marketplace and to ensure the continued technological superiority of our defense capabilities.

The science and technology policies described in this report outline the framework in which our Administration is addressing these challenges. The significant increases in Federal R&D support, especially in basic research -- the fount of new technologies and new knowledge -- is evidence of our long-term commitment to strengthening the economy and security of America through science and technology. Programs to increase the supply of well trained scientists and engineers will ensure the best possible talent for continued technological advances in industry, universities, and government. The results of these important actions, in conjunction with the vigorous investment in research and development by the private sector, will be greater security and strong economic growth in the years ahead.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

October 3, 1983.

Note: The 139-page report is entitled ``Annual Science and Technology Report to the Congress: 1982 -- Office of Science and Technology Policy in Cooperation With the National Science Foundation.''