June 25, 1982

To the House of Representatives:

Today, I have the extremely disappointing task of again returning to the Congress, without my signature, a bill providing supplemental appropriations for several Federal programs in need of additional funds in Fiscal Year 1982. I use the word ``again'' because H.R. 6682, like its predecessor H.R. 5922, contains excessive and unrequested budget authority totalling nearly $1 billion. For this reason, I cannot approve this legislation.

A key to lasting economic recovery is to bring interest rates down and keep them down. We can only do that by convincing skeptical markets that this Government has the will to control Federal spending and borrowing across the board. The American people need deeds, not just promises, to be convinced deficits will be reduced.

I regret that this revised urgent supplemental still does not do the job. Therefore, I am returning H.R. 6682 without approval and urge the Congress to enact immediately a 1982 supplemental appropriations bill that addresses only those items I have indicated need urgent attention. Again, I look forward to prompt Congressional action on a revised bill that will assure continuity in the operations of Federal agencies and be consistent with continued progress toward economic recovery.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

June 25, 1982.