February 17, 1984

On this occasion, we mark the fiftieth anniversary of the celebration of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week. For half a century this event has played a major role in encouraging greater understanding and communication among conflicting segments of society.

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week furthers our awareness of the universal nature of the human experience. In promoting the spirit of brotherhood among the people of our nation, we strengthen our respect for the rich diversity of our country. By focusing on the importance of the dignity of the individual, we acknowledge the bonds of birth, hope, and freedom that gave meaning to our way of life.

In reaching out in brotherhood to our fellow citizens, we help stem the tide of historic challenges to mankind's advancement -- starvation, disease, poverty, and war. Recognizing the precariousness of man's life on this planet, we strive to undergird the work of men and women of goodwill to bring about a world built upon the true values of fellowship and mutual respect.

Ronald Reagan

Note: Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week will be observed February 20 - 26.