February 14, 1986

Since 1934 the National Conference of Christians and Jews has sponsored Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week, a celebration that is in the best American tradition. The theme of this year's observance, ``To Belong, To Achieve, To Contribute,'' carries forward the theme of national diversity which has been the inspiration of this annual program.

Once again, we honor the mosaic that is America -- a land of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters from every background and culture. We are a nation that is truly ``one out of many.'' But America is more than a living tableau of the multitude of faiths and nationalities that have converged on our shores and helped build our character as a people. America is the embodiment of the ideal of active involvement by every citizen in building stronger communities and a better future.

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week reminds us, therefore, not only of our heritage of tolerance and opportunity, but of the responsibility all of us have to celebrate our belonging by achieving and contributing to the fullest extent of our abilities. Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week gives every American the chance to give thanks for the blessings we enjoy by giving something back to this Land of Liberty -- through our churches and schools, charitable and community organizations, and through our families and friends.

I ask all Americans to join with the National Conference of Christians and Jews in programs in honor of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week, recognizing that we are brothers and sisters, above all, because we are children of God and members of one common human family.

Ronald Reagan