September 4, 1983

Each Labor Day provides us with an opportunity to pay homage to the workers who have helped make America great.

I join with all Americans in saluting the contributions of the nation's working men and women, the most productive workers in the world.

The endeavors of today's workers and their unions assure that our country will have an even brighter future. Yet the bounty we have reaped from these labors is not limited to mere products and services. Our workers have been one of the cornerstones of our democratic system. The values they have passed down from generation to generation have strengthened America as the land of opportunity.

Even though the nature of our labor has changed over the years, Americans still believe that all work is noble. In celebrating the efforts of American workers, past and present, we honor this fundamental truth as well.

On this day we also reflect on our foremost domestic challenge: providing job opportunities for all Americans who want to work. Through my Administration's Economic Recovery Program, we are bringing new hope to Americans. Already this year more than 1.7 million more Americans are employed than last December. The resurgence of our economy is bringing real jobs -- jobs with a future -- in the private sector.

The improved economic climate we now enjoy promises all Americans a prosperous future. I know that the nation's workforce will play a vital role in helping America realize its full economic potential.

Ronald Reagan