April 13, 1983

The greatness of America lies in the ingenuity of our people, the strength of our institutions, and our willingness to work together to meet the nation's needs.

Each year nearly a hundred million Americans help their neighbors through volunteer service, carrying on a tradition established in the earliest days of our Republic.

This eagerness to solve problems through the creativity and the initiative of the private sector has been instrumental in our nation's advancement. Indeed, distinguished volunteer service has become such an integral part of our way of life that it sometimes does not receive the recognition it deserves.

It is important that the private sector assume a more active role in solving community problems. In this way the proper balance between private and public responsibility can be restored. The White House Office of Private Sector Initiatives is encouraging such support. Working together, government and the private sector can accomplish far more than either working alone.

In saluting the spirit of voluntarism during National Volunteer Week, I urge all Americans to exercise their rights and responsibilities to help build a better life for everyone.

Volunteers do make a difference.

Ronald Reagan