Nomination of Gilbert G. Pompa To Be Director of the Community Relations Service

December 3, 1981

The President today announced his intention to nominate Gilbert G. Pompa for reappointment as Director, Community Relations Service, Department of Justice, for a term of 4 years.

Mr. Pompa has served as Director, Community Relations Service, since 1978. Prior to his appointment he had served in various levels within the Community Relations Service since 1967. He was assistant district attorney, Bexar County, Tex., in 1963-67; assistant city attorney, San Antonio, Tex., in 1960-63; and in the private practice of law in 1958-60.

He is cofounder and member, National Conference of Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers Association, and a member of the National Hispanic Corrections Association. He is also cofounder and member, Involvement of Mexican Americans in Gainful Endeavors.

Mr. Pompa graduated from St. Mary's University School of Law (J.D., 1958). He is married, has three children, and resides in Fairfax, Va. He was born October 1, 1931, in Devine, Tex.

Appointment of Brigadier General Calvin G. Franklin as Commanding General of the Militia of the District of Columbia

December 3, 1981

The President today announced his intention to appoint Brig. Gen. Calvin G. Franklin to be Commanding General of the Militia of the District of Columbia. He would succeed Maj. Gen. Cunningham C. Bryant.

Brigadier General Franklin began his military career by enlisting in the California Army National Guard in November 1948. He entered on active duty in 1950 with the 1402d Combat Engineers when the California National Guard was mobilized. He served with the 1402d at Fort Lewis and in Germany. Receiving his release in 1952, he rejoined the California National Guard, 765th Transportation Company, in San Diego, Calif., in 1953. In late 1953 he entered the State OCS program, and upon graduation in 1954, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant and served as Platoon Leader, 765th Transportation Company.

In 1961 he was promoted to captain, serving as Commanding Officer of the 118th Signal Company and later Commander of Company B, 240th Signal Battalion, 40th Armor Division. He served as the Division Radio Officer in 1965-66. Promoted to major in 1968, he served as Communications Officer, 111th Army Group, and was Commander, 3d Battalion, 185th Armor, 40th Division, after being promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1972. He was subsequently assigned as Assistant Chief of Staff, G5, 40th Division, in 1974-75, and in 1975 he assumed command of the 240th Signal Battalion (40th Division). He was promoted to colonel in 1976.

After completing training at the United States Army War College in 1977, Brigadier General Franklin remained on active duty and was assigned to Headquarters Forces Command, DCSOPS, as Chief, Mobilization Improvement, and Director of NIFTY NUGGET/MOBEX 78. Upon completion of that assignment, he served as Assistant Chief of Staff, G3, for the D.C. National Guard in 1979. He is currently assigned as the Assistant Adjutant General, State of California National Guard.

He graduated from San Diego City College (A.A., 1955), National University of San Diego (B.A., 1972), and United States International University (M.A., 1974). He resides in San Diego, Calif., and was born March 31, 1929, in DeQueen, Ark.

Appointment of Colonel Ernest Roland Morgan as Adjutant General of the Militia of the District of Columbia

December 3, 1981

The President today announced his intention to appoint Col. Ernest Roland Morgan to be Adjutant General of the Militia of the District of Columbia. He would succeed Brig. Gen. Wayne W. Bridges.

Colonel Morgan was Chief of Operations and Training, Artillery Brigade, Europe, in 1965-66; Executive Officer, 94th Artillery Group, Europe, in 1966-67; School Secretary, Division Chief, United States Army Intelligence School, Fort Holabird, Md., in 1967-69; Assistant Inspector General, United States Army, Vietnam, in 1969 - 70; Commander, 4th Nike Hercules Battalion, Fort Bliss, Tex., in 1971-72; Chief, Tactical ADP Branch/Staff Officer, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Force Development, Army Staff, Washington, D.C., in 1972-73.

In 1973-74 he attended the Army War College. He was Chief, Plans & Programs Branch, U.S. Army Element JUSMMAT, Ankara, Turkey, in 1974-75; Director, National Security Seminar, U.S. Army War College, in 1975-77; professor of military science, Prairie View A&M University (Texas) in 1977-79; and Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, J-5 Plans, Headquarters, U.S. Forces in Korea/Eighth Army, in 1979-81. He is currently Deputy Assistant Commander, J-5, Headquarters, U.S. Forces Korea/Eighth Army.

He graduated from the University of Maryland (B.A.) and Shippensburg State College (M.S.). He resides in Houston, Tex., and was born March 29, 1932, in Petersburg, Va.