Nomination of Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr., To Be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

July 10, 1985

The President today announced his intention to nominate Adm. William J. Crowe, Jr., to serve as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Defense. He will succeed Gen. John W. Vessey, Jr., who is retiring on September 30, 1985. General Vessey has served as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since June 1982.

From 1954 to 1955, Admiral Crowe served as assistant to the naval aide to the President. In 1958 he was assigned as aide and assistant to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Plans and Policy), Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. His first command was U.S.S. Trout (SS - 566), homeported in Charleston, SC. He served as commanding officer from 1960 to 1962. Upon completion of postgraduate education in 1966, he assumed commanding officer duties of submarine division 31, homeported in San Diego, CA. In 1967 he became the head of East Asia and Pacific Branch, Politico-Military Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. This was followed 3 years later by assignment as senior adviser to the Vietnamese Navy Riverine Force, Republic of Vietnam. After this tour, he served as director of the Office for Micronesian Status Negotiations, Department of the Interior, until 1973. In 1973 Admiral Crowe received his promotion to rear admiral and subsequently was assigned as Deputy Director, Strategic Plans, Policy, Nuclear Systems and NSC Affairs Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. In 1975 - 1976 he served as Director, East Asia and Pacific Region, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs). On June 30, 1976, he assumed duties as Commander Middle East Force, a post which he held until July 1977 when he returned to Washington, DC, for another tour of duty in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, as Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Plans and Policy. He was assigned as Commander in Chief, Allied Forces, Southern Europe, in 1980 - 1983. Since July 1983 he has been serving as Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command.

Admiral Crowe graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (B.A., 1947), Stanford University (M.S., 1956), and Princeton University (M.A., 1964; Ph.D., 1965). He is married and has three children. He was born January 2, 1925, in La Grange, KY.

Appointment of 11 Members of the National Graduate Fellows Program Fellowship Board

July 10, 1985

The President today announced his intention to appoint the following individuals to be members of the National Graduate Fellows Program Fellowship Board for the terms indicated. These are new positions:

For terms of 6 years:

Martis Jones Okpalobi is a consultant for executive development at the Southland Corp. in Dallas, TX. She graduated from Miami University (Ohio) (B.A., 1969), New York State University (M.A., 1972), and Vanderbilt University (Ph.D., 1977). She was born November 6, 1946, in Dayton, OH, and now resides in Dallas, TX.

J. Ronald Thornton is associate director for industrial programs and director of National Southern Technology Applications Center at the University of Florida. He graduated from Berry College (B.S., 1961) and Wake Forest University (M.A., 1964). He was born August 19, 1939, in Fayetteville, TN.

For terms of 4 years:

John Audley Grant, Jr., is a member of the Florida house of representatives. He graduated from the University of South Florida (B.A., 1964), Florida State University (M.A., 1965), and Stetson University (J.D., 1968). He was born July 12, 1943, in Tampa, FL, where he now resides.

Peter R. Greer is superintendent of the Portland public school system in Portland, ME. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire (B.A., 1963; M.A., 1964) and Boston University (Ed.D., 1974). He was born August 14, 1940, in Portsmouth, NH, and now resides in Yarmouth, ME.

Eugene Welch Hickok, Jr., is an assistant professor in the department of political science at Dickinson College. He graduated from Hampden-Sydney College (B.A., 1972) and the University of Virginia (M.A., 1978; Ph.D., 1983). He was born September 6, 1950, in Denver, CO, and now resides in Carlisle, PA.

Anne Paolucci is a professor of English at St. John's University. She graduated from Barnard College (B.A., 1947) and Columbia University (M.A., 1950; Ph.D., 1963). She was born July 31, 1926, in Rome, Italy, and now resides in Beechurst, NY.

James M. Walton is with the Tiber Co. in Pittsburgh, PA. He is former president of Carnegie Institute and Carnegie Library. He graduated from Yale University (B.A., 1953) and Harvard University (M.B.A., 1958). He was born December 18, 1930, in Pittsburgh, PA, where he now resides.

For terms of 2 years:

Reed St. Clair Browning is a professor of history at Kenyon College. He graduated from Dartmouth College (A.B., 1960) and Yale University (Ph.D., 1965). He was born August 26, 1938, in New York City and now resides in Gambier, OH.

William F. Campbell is professor of economics at Louisiana State University. He graduated from DePaul University (B.A., 1960) and the University of Virginia (Ph.D., 1966). He was born February 21, 1939, in Indianapolis, IN, and now resides in Baton Rouge, LA.

James J. Kirschke is associate professor of English at Villanova University. He graduated from LaSalle College (B.A., 1964) and Temple University (M.A., 1970; Ph.D., 1977). He was born August 10, 1941, in Norfolk, VA, and now resides in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Tibor R. Machan is a distinguished visiting professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego. He graduated from Claremont College (B.A., 1965), New York University (M.A., 1966), and the University of California at Santa Barbara (Ph.D., 1971). He was born March 18, 1939, in Budapest, Hungary, and now resides in Spring Valley, CA.