November 23, 1984

The President today recess appointed the following-named persons to be members of the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation. These persons were nominated to the Senate on March 19, 1984, but were not confirmed prior to the Senate's adjournment on October 12, 1984.

Hortencia Benavides, of Texas. She will succeed Ronald B. Frankum.

LeaAnne Bernstein, of Maryland. She will succeed Albert Angrisani.

William Clark Durant III, of Michigan. He will succeed William J. Olson.

Paul B. Eaglin, of North Carolina. He will succeed Robert Sherwood Stubbs II.

Pepe J. Mendez, of Colorado. He will succeed Peter Joseph Ferrara.

Lorain Miller, of Michigan. She will succeed Milton M. Masson, Jr.

Thomas F. Smegal, Jr., of California. He will succeed David E. Satterfield III.

Claude Galbreath Swafford, of Tennessee. He will succeed Robert E. McCarthy.

Basile Joseph Uddo, of Louisiana. He will succeed Howard H. Dana, Jr.

Robert A. Valois, of North Carolina. He will succeed Donald Eugene Santarelli.

Michael B. Wallace, of Mississippi. He will succeed George E. Paras.