June 7, 1982

Your Holiness, Your Eminences, and you ladies and gentlemen from America:

Thank you very much. I am sure that the Gipper did not get even that much applause. [Laughter] But I hope you can realize what this means to Nancy and myself -- the warmth of your greeting -- but also here in this holy place to meet together with all of you.

I've had the great honor and pleasure and the benefit of words of wisdom from His Holiness about the problems that concern us all in the world today and about our land and have had the great pleasure, and hope that goes with it, that he will once again visit the United States. I pointed out this time -- if many of you will forgive me -- I pointed out the great need for such a visit to reach the western half. [Laughter]

But, again, there's little more I can say except to thank you and to say, once again, I'm sure that many of us, millions and millions in the world, have had our faith renewed, and our belief, that in times of great need, God does send someone here to help us in those times. And I think in this holy man, He has once again done that when the need was so very great. And we're all grateful, and thank God for him.

Note: The President spoke at 1:10 p.m. in the Clementine Room at the Vatican Palace.