January 28, 1985

I am pleased to note that today, January 28, is the 132d anniversary of the birth of the great Cuban patriot and author, Jose Marti. Nancy and I want to join with all those celebrating this important and inspiring event.

Throughout the struggle for freedom and democracy, men and women of extraordinary dedication have emerged to lead others in the pursuit of human dignity. Jose Marti was one of those heroes, and today we are proud to honor his numerous accomplishments on behalf of his fellow Cubans. His lifelong desire to see an independent Cuba, free from the tyranny of colonial domination, is an ideal that remains alive today for Cuban-Americans and all those who love freedom.

``Man loves liberty,'' he wrote, ``even if he does not know he loves it. He is driven by it and flees from where it does not exist.'' It is because of Marti's lifelong commitment to freedom -- of speech, of the press, and of political pluralism -- that he is a symbol of the need for the unfettered flow of ideas. It is for this reason that his name was chosen for the radio service that will broadcast to the people of Cuba, beginning in the near future.

Jose Marti was one of those giants who possessed numerous talents. As an orator, journalist, lawyer, novelist, and literary critic he was able to do much to enhance and further his people's rich cultural heritage. It is certain that he will be remembered by the freedom-loving people of our world as a pioneer and leader in the movement for true human liberation.