April 28, 1981

I want to congratulate and express sincere appreciation to Chairman Domenici and his colleagues on the Senate Budget Committee upon completion of work on the first budget resolution for fiscal year 1982. Their vote is a welcome display of a strong bipartisan spirit and puts our economic recovery program firmly on track. Together with the reconciliation instructions passed by the Senate on April 2, this resolution will provide the basis for achieving the budget savings and the tax relief needed for the revitalization of the nation's economy.

I look forward to working with the Members of both the House and the Senate, of both political parties, as they proceed with additional actions necessary for recovery. Together we can accomplish the things the people elected us to do. And today we have no greater task, no more important job, than putting America's economic house in order. I thank Senator Domenici and the other members of the Senate Budget Committee for taking this important and constructive step.