March 12, 1987

I am today announcing the appointment of Kenneth M. Duberstein to be Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House. Ken will assume his new duties on Monday, March 23. I am pleased that he has agreed to join our new team at the White House.

Ken served me well in the Office of Legislative Affairs of the White House from January 22, 1981, to December 15, 1983, and I welcome him back home. Ken is an outstanding manager, who has worked with the Congress to achieve some of the most important victories of my administration. He will be a valuable asset as we begin the next 2 years. We have a number of issues -- including arms control, SDI, the budget, welfare reform, trade legislation, and catastrophic health -- which will require Ken's expert guidance in the months ahead. I know that he will be a valuable asset to me and to my Chief of Staff, Senator Howard Baker, as we move forward in the next 2 years.