May 7, 1981

I am extremely grateful to the Members of the House of Representatives, both Democratic and Republican, for their vote today on the 1982 budget. This is a resounding victory -- not only for our economy but for a spirit of bipartisanship that we can build upon in the months and years ahead.

In my conversations with Members of the House over the past several days, they have repeatedly told me how serious they are about bringing the Federal budget under control. This budget resolution is a major step in that process. It sets responsible spending limits within which we must now work together.

There is another message here that is equally important: When the people speak, Washington will now listen -- and will act. For years, the American people have been asking the the Federal Government put its house in order. Today, the people have been heard.

As we move forward toward economic recovery, let us never forget this historic moment of commitment: to a government that can both serve the people and live within its means.