June 29, 1984

The United States Government has taken note of the statement by the Soviet Government proposing a meeting of delegations in September to begin negotiations on "preventing the militarization of outer space." The militarization of space began when the first ballistic missiles were tested and when such missiles and other weapons systems using outer space began to be deployed. The United States Government therefore draws attention to the pressing need for the resumption of negotiations aimed at a radical reduction of nuclear weapons on a balanced and verifiable basis.

Therefore, the United States Government has informed the Government of the Soviet Union that it is prepared to meet with the Soviet Union in September, at any location agreeable to the Soviet Union and the government of the country where the meeting is held, for the following purposes: (1) to discuss and define mutually agreeable arrangements under which negotiations on the reduction of strategic and intermediate-range nuclear weapons can be resumed, and (2) to discuss and seek agreement on feasible negotiating approaches which could lead to verifiable and effective limitations on antisatellite weapons. We will also be prepared to discuss any other arms control concerns or other matters of interest to both sides.

We will continue contacts with the Soviet Union through diplomatic channels on arrangements for these September talks.