August 7, 1987

The President today met with Senator David L. Boren and Senator William Cohen, chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the Select Senate Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), to indicate his agreement to new procedures concerning the approval, review, and notification to Congress of covert action programs.

The principles outlined in the President's letter to the chairman and vice chairman of the SSCI were developed over a period of intensive and fruitful consultations between the White House and the SSCI. They evidence a desire for close cooperation between the President and Congress with respect to these very sensitive and important programs. The President responded to a letter to national security adviser Frank Carlucci from Senators Boren and Cohen on behalf of the SSCI. The measure of agreement reflected in the President's letter demonstrates the vital importance he attaches to cooperation between the Congress and the executive branch in the intelligence area. On this there is agreement. The new procedures we are putting in place will strengthen that cooperation, and facilitate the work of the committee in fulfilling its important responsibilities.