June 9, 1984

1. We discussed the Iraq/Iran conflict in all its various aspects.

2. We expressed our deep concern at the mounting toll in human suffering, physical damage and bitterness that this conflict has brought; and at the breaches of international humanitarian law that have occurred.

3. The hope and desire of us all is that both sides will cease their attacks on each other and on the shipping of other states. The principle of freedom of navigation must be respected. We are concerned that the conflict should not spread further and we shall do what we can to encourage stability in the region.

4. We encourage the parties to seek a peaceful and honourable settlement. We shall support any efforts designed to bring this about, particularly those of the United Nations Secretary-General.

5. We also considered the implications for world oil supplies on the lines set out in the Economic Declaration. We noted that the world oil market has remained relatively stable. We believe that the international system has both the will and the capacity to cope with any foreseeable problems through the continuation of the prudent and realistic approach that is already being applied.