December 11, 1981

The continuing resolution just passed by the Congress represents another difficult step forward in this Nation's struggle to restore responsible economic and fiscal policy. It is a step away from the big spending that wreaked havoc in the past and toward our goal of once again living within our means.

This vote represents, however, only another installment in a long and hard program to get the Federal budget under control. We must not rest. The nation expects continued follow-through.

Together with excessive taxation, overspending in Washington has led to the reduced saving and investment, high inflation, and crippling interest rates that created today's recession. Only continued commitment to the joint goals of lower taxes, reduced spending and borrowing, fewer regulations, and a stable monetary policy will pave the way for recovery in 1982 and a return to economic prosperity in the 1980's.

I thank the Members of the House and Senate for a responsible vote. I look forward to future victories of economic sanity we can win together for the American people.