March 7, 1987

Edward Zorinsky was a true public servant. A man of courage and principle, he served the people of Nebraska and of this nation with integrity and a deep sense of patriotism. As mayor of Omaha and later as a United States Senator, Edward Zorinsky was a man of the people. As a Senator he had not only an open door but an open mind, taking stands on issues because they were right, not just because they were popular. I will always remember and be grateful for his support of our 1985 budget and for his support of many other key programs. But even when we may have disagreed on a particular issue, Ed Zorinsky was fair and honest and earned the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle and here at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

A champion of the needs of farmers, Ed Zorinsky loved the people of Nebraska and felt genuinely honored to serve them. Indeed, they were extraordinarily well served by Ed Zorinsky. The people of Nebraska and all of America mourn the loss of this special man, a true leader. Nancy and I have lost a friend, who we will miss, and extend our deep sympathy to Cece and their children.