November 21, 1983

In his meeting with the President, President Spyros Kyprianou of the Republic of Cyprus deplored the unilateral declaration of a separate political entity in northern Cyprus and urged U.S. support for a Cyprus settlement which included a reversal of this unilateral act.

The President noted our deep distress at the unilateral action by the Turkish Cypriots and that we had supported a British resolution at the United Nations deploring the Turkish Cypriot action and urging cooperation with U.N. efforts to promote a peaceful settlement. The President said that the United States stands foursquare behind the U.N. Secretary-General's good offices effort and emphasized the importance of reestablishing a dialog between the two communities on Cyprus.

The President also noted that he had personally spoken with the U.N. Secretary-General on Friday about his difficult task and offered to help in any way possible. In recognizing that the situation is complex, the President asked that the Government of Cyprus not let this ill-advised unilateral act preclude consideration of any opportunities that may emerge for progress towards a settlement.