July 14, 1982

The United States Government has remained from the beginning, and will remain, neutral in the war between Iran and Iraq. We remain deeply concerned, however, about the continuation of this conflict and the attendant loss of life and destruction. The United States supports the independence and territorial integrity of both Iran and Iraq, as well as that of other states in the region. In keeping with our policy worldwide, we oppose the seizure of territory by force. We urge an immediate end to hostilities and a negotiated settlement. We support constructive international efforts for a peaceful solution to the conflict on the basis of each state's respect for the territorial integrity of its neighbors and each state's freedom from external coercion. In keeping with this policy we have joined with other members of the United Nations Security Council in 1980 and on July 12 of this year in resolutions calling for an end to the conflict.

Our support for the security of friendly states in the region which might feel threatened by the conflict is well known, and the United States is prepared to consult with these states on appropriate steps to support their security.