December 4, 1984

On Monday, December 3, the people of Grenada held their first democratic election since 1976. The election represents an achievement of historic importance, the first occasion in which a nation has returned to democracy after being freed from Marxist-Leninist rule.

The United States is proud to have played a part in the return of democracy to Grenada. On October 25, 1983, at the request of the Governor of Grenada and of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, the United States participated in the rescue mission which freed the Grenadian people from chaotic and brutal misrule. That action led to the creation on Grenada of an interim government, chaired by Mr. Nicholas Brathwaite, who deserves much of the credit for following through on the pledge to turn over the nation's administration through free and fair elections. The interim government also deserves admiration for the humaneness and respect for law which it has exercised in its treatment of those who served with the former Grenadian Government.

We applaud the Grenadian people for their peaceful, orderly, and genuinely democratic exercise of popular sovereignty on December 3. We look forward to working closely with the new Government of Grenada.