September 29, 1988

The 100th Congress is drawing rapidly to a close. I hope to receive from the Congress the remaining fiscal year 1989 appropriations bills no later than tomorrow, when the current fiscal year ends.

A legislative agenda item of extreme importance to the well-being of the Nation remains unenacted: a bill to strengthen our ability to combat the production, trafficking, and use of illegal drugs.

On September 22, the House of Representatives passed a bill containing a number of essential provisions. Of particular importance, the House-passed bill permits the Federal death penalty for drug-related murders, significantly improves the search for truth in the criminal justice system by reforming the exclusionary rule, establishes requirements for drug free-workplaces, and increases the accountability of drug users to society for their drug abuse.

The Senate has not scheduled drug legislation for consideration. I strongly urge the Senate to schedule the drug bill for consideration forthwith to ensure that effective legislation to combat illegal drugs is enacted before Congress adjourns. The health and safety of Americans depends upon it.