January 16, 1985

Today I met with the Vice President, Secretaries Shultz and Weinberger, and the members of the U.S. delegation which recently conducted the 2 days of tough but successful talks with their Soviet counterparts in Geneva. I invited our team members to the White House so that I could personally express to them my recognition of their extremely hard work and my gratitude for the successful outcome.

I also expressed my appreciation to our team for the unity and the discipline they demonstrated in Geneva and in the deliberative process leading up to the talks. As I indicated in my report to the Nation at the beginning of last week's press conference, the work performed by the delegation and its staff members represents an example of American diplomacy at its finest.

I took this occasion to emphasize my satisfaction that we have succeeded in getting the U.S.-Soviet arms control process back on track. I emphasized my determination to reach agreements which bring about deep and verifiable reductions in nuclear forces and which enhance strategic stability.

I am keenly aware of the hard work and long hours ahead for these dedicated people in carrying out the analyses needed to support American negotiating positions. But I am confident that with the expertise and dedication each member of our team brings to this work, the United States will do its part to make the coming negotiations succeed.