November 25, 1987

Following the 1986 ouster of Jean-Claude Duvalier, the provisional government of Haiti, the Provisional Electoral Council, and -- most importantly -- the Haitian people have moved resolutely towards the goal of true democracy. The path has not been easy or smooth. We, along with other friends of Haiti, have been concerned by the all too frequent violence which has marked the process, especially that which was directed at electoral authorities and candidates.

Despite these disturbing events, we are heartened by the evident determination of the Haitian public not to be denied their voice in choosing those who will lead their country in a new, freer era. Now all Haitians can take pride in this historic process. Each has a responsibility: the electoral authorities to supervise the voting in an orderly and free manner, the government to ensure an environment of security and confidence, and the voting public first to express their preferences and then to respect the outcome of this process.

I have named an observer delegation to witness this historic event. They carry with them my hope and confidence in Haiti's success. After next February's inauguration, my government will work closely with the newly elected President of Haiti and his government to move towards the prosperous and happy future Haiti so richly deserves.