November 10, 1984

The President has reviewed the reports of the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB) and the CIA Inspector General (IG) on the events surrounding the preparation of the Psychological Warfare Manual. Both reports were delivered to the President on November 8, 1984.

The CIA IG and the IOB both conducted detailed and extensive inquiries into the conceptual motives and administrative procedures surrounding the preparation of this manual. Both bodies noted that despite portions which could be misinterpreted, the manual had worthy purposes: instilling in Nicaraguan freedom fighters the knowledge of how to promote understanding of their goals among the people and counseling them on appropriate behavior in dealing with civilians.

Both reports found that there had been no violation by CIA personnel or contract employees of the Constitution or laws of the United States, Executive orders, or Presidential directives. The IG report identified instances of poor judgment and lapses in oversight at lower levels within the Agency. Recommendations for corrective measures to strengthen management and oversight within the CIA were approved, as well as disciplinary action where lapses in judgment or performance occurred. The President has directed that Director Casey brief the appropriate oversight committees of the Congress on the findings and recommendations contained in the IG report.