October 16, 1985
President Reagan is today instructing Ambassador Yeutter to initiate proceedings under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) against wheat export subsidies offered by the European Community. He is also asking Ambassador Yeutter to begin an investigation under section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 of Korea's practices for protecting intellectual property rights.

The President is also pleased to announce today that consultations between the American Institute in Taiwan and the Coordination Council for North American Affairs have resulted in an agreement by Taiwan to improve access to its market for American beer, wine, and cigarettes. Ambassador Yeutter will report to the President by December 31, 1985, on Taiwan's progress in implementing these changes. This market-opening step by Taiwan is particularly gratifying because it represents the kind of response we would hope to receive from all nations to our request for elimination of trading practices that prohibit free and fair competition between the goods and services produced by all nations.

Through the actions we have already taken and the further actions we are announcing today, we are asking all nations to live up to their responsibility to preserve and enhance free trade. Our objective continues to be to enlarge and enhance the world trading system for the benefit of all.

Note: Larry M. Speakes read the statement to reporters at 10 a.m. in the Briefing Room at the White House. Also present to answer reporters' questions was Michael B. Smith, Acting U.S. Trade Representative.