June 13, 1981

Excessive and inefficient Federal regulations place an undue burden on our society. They limit job opportunities, raise prices, and reduce the incomes of all Americans.

During the Presidential campaign, I promised quick and decisive action. Since taking office, I have made regulatory relief a top priority. It is one of the cornerstones of my economic recovery program.

Thanks to the constructive work of my Task Force on Regulatory Relief, chaired by Vice President Bush, many needless and unproductive regulations have been eliminated. Other officials in my administration are moving forward with equal vigor and are producing tangible results. Regulatory relief actions to date have resulted in billions of dollars in savings to the American people.

The materials in this volume document some of our progress. But more needs to be done, and will be done. I am confident that the legitimate purposes of regulation can be met at considerably lower costs. We shall not rest until that goal is achieved.

Note: The statement is printed in the 122-page report entitled "Materials on President Reagan's Program for Regulatory Relief.''