July 26, 1986

I am grateful that our prayers for the safe return of Father Lawrence Jenco have been answered. Since he was seized in January of 1985, we have been working continuously for his release and that of the other Americans taken hostage in Lebanon. I am pleased at this development but will not be satisfied until all those who are held hostage, of whatever nationality, are released. I speak for the American people when I say that we are truly grateful for the work of all those of many different nationalities and organizations who continue to work for the safe return of all hostages. I also wish to express our thanks for the way in which the Syrian Government expedited the delivery of Father Jenco from where he was released in Lebanon to our Embassy in Damascus.

Finally, I note that those who held Father Jenco have, in effect, declared their ability to control the fate of the remaining American hostages. While we continue to work for the safe release of all those held, we hold their captors and those who support them responsible for the safety of the remaining American hostages.