February 3, 1988

I am extremely pleased that today the Senate has voted, 97 to 0, to confirm my nomination of Judge Anthony M. Kennedy as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Judge Kennedy has served with great distinction as a Federal appellate judge in this nation's largest circuit for 12 years. He will make an outstanding addition to the Supreme Court.

By confirming Judge Kennedy as an Associate Justice, the Senate has not only restored to the Nation a full nine-member Supreme Court, it has reaffirmed this country's commitment to the philosophy of judicial restraint. Judge Kennedy believes, as I do, that the role of the judge in our democratic society is faithfully to interpret the law, not to make it; and that it is just as important to protect the victims of crime as it is to protect criminal offenders.

Judge Kennedy represents the best traditions of America's judiciary. I am confident that he will serve the Court and this country well.