June 30, 1982

I am signing into law today H.R. 6631, a bill which authorizes emergency humanitarian assistance to the unfortunate victims of the hostilities in Lebanon. Providing help to people in need is a tradition in which the American people should take great pride. The suffering in Lebanon continues to mount even as an international humanitarian effort, of which the United States is a part, attempts to aid the hurt, hungry, and homeless people in Lebanon.

I am grateful to the Congress for acting so quickly to authorize assistance for Lebanon, and hope that it will soon make available the $20 million I requested on June 16 for the relief effort. In the meantime, I have authorized the use of $2 million from the Refugee Emergency Fund, and the State Department is reprogramming another $10 million of appropriated funds to meet the most urgent relief needs. As the full impact of this tragedy becomes known, the United States will continue to do its share in the international effort to relieve the suffering of the people in Lebanon.

Note: As enacted, H.R. 6631 is Public Law 97 - 208, approved June 30.