March 20, 1987

As I said last evening at my press conference, our administration will keep its commitment to the American people. We will not raise taxes; we will hold down spending; and we will adhere to the deficit reduction goals imposed by the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings legislation. And it is with this commitment in mind that I have informed congressional leaders of my intention to veto the highway and transit bill that is on its way to my desk.

Let me be very clear: I am in full support of reasonable funding levels for these programs, similar to the legislation passed by the Senate. But I am adamantly opposed to the excessive spending that is in the bill as it emerged from the conference committee. I've said before and repeat today: Congress can't have it both ways. They cannot talk about cutting unnecessary deficit spending and then vote in favor of bills that bust the budget. The American people clearly expect their elected leaders to vote the same way they talk. So, my vote will be to veto bills that spend unnecessary billions on projects the American people cannot afford.