November 25, 1987

I have just been briefed by my national security adviser Colin Powell on the detailed results of the Geneva meeting between Secretary of State George Shultz and Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze.

I was very pleased that the two Ministers cleared away remaining obstacles to completion of an INF treaty. While details remain to be worked out, I look forward to signing this historic agreement with General Secretary Gorbachev at the Washington summit next month. This brings to realization the objectives which I laid out in my zero option proposal of 1981 and to which we and the allies have adhered firmly through all these years of INF negotiations.

I was also briefed on the results of the discussions that were held on human rights, regional, bilateral, and other arms control issues. I will be pursuing these issues with General Secretary Gorbachev. I am pleased that we also have agreement with the Soviets on a summit schedule that emphasizes the businesslike nature of the meeting and includes ample opportunity for the General Secretary and me to exchange views on a wide range of issues.

We have also included social and other events that will provide the General Secretary insight into our intellectual and business communities. He will also be in contact with Members of Congress. Nancy and I look forward to receiving General Secretary and Mrs. Gorbachev.