April 11, 1981

As my stay at the George Washington University Hospital reaches its end, I want to express my deep and heartfelt appreciation to all who have contributed to my care. The entire staff at the hospital contributed to my comfort and recovery, and I will always remember their special efforts on my behalf.

I look forward, of course, to returning to the White House. And I return with a new respect for the men and women who serve in the medical profession and with tremendous gratitude for their dedication, professionalism, and genuine concern for their fellow man. They represent the best of America, and I am proud to know them.

Tim McCarthy and Tom Delahanty have returned home to their families and friends, and Jim Brady continues to make great progress. All of us have much to be thankful for, and we join in a salute to those who have made their life's work the care of their fellow man.

Note: The President returned to the White House by motorcade late Saturday morning after greeting and thanking hospital staff members assembled in the hospital.