February 13, 1988

President Reagan and President De la Madrid met privately for approximately 45 minutes with only notetakers present. President Reagan congratulated President De la Madrid on his 5 years of leadership and for the modernization that he had brought to Mexico. The President stressed that during the tenure of the two Presidents significant successes had been achieved in trade, investment relations, drug enforcement, commercial ventures, and general economic improvements.

The President stressed the importance of the drug problem for our two countries. He raised the issue of certification to Congress by March 1 and urged the Mexican President to work even harder on drug eradication. President De la Madrid emphasized his deep concern and intensive efforts to deal with the drug problem. He said he condemns narcotics and would have more to say on the matter publicly later. President De la Madrid quoted a number of statistics concerning their drug enforcement activities. President Reagan recognized that Mexico has been very cooperative in fighting drugs, but also pointed out that "this is the year we have to show results.''

The two leaders also discussed Central American policy. The President repeated his commitment to the peace process and to his support for the resistance. President De la Madrid said his country has been supportive of the Esquipulas plan [Guatemala accords]. They also discussed East-West relations, and the President commented on his recent summit meeting with General Secretary Gorbachev.