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Partial - some of the records in the subject category have been processed and available for research
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File Code Description Research
HO Holidays


HO001 Arbor Day None
HO002 Armed Forces Day


HO003 Arthritis Day, National


HO004 Aviation Day Parital
HO005 Bible Week, National Parital
HO006 Bill of Rights – Human Rights Day, Week, Year Partial
HO007 Blood Donor Month, National None
HO008 Boy-Girl Scout Week None
HO009 Camping Week, National None
HO010 Cancer Control Month Partial
HO011 Captive Nations Week Partial
HO012 Career Guidance Week, National None
HO013 Catholic Youth Week, National None
HO014 Child Health Day None
HO015 Chinese New Year None
HO016 Christmas – New Years Partial
HO016-01 Christmas Greetings (Received - Sent) Partial
HO017 Citizenship Day – Constitution Week None
HO018 Clergy Week, National/International None
HO019 Columbus Day, Christopher Partial
HO020 Cooperative Month, National None
HO021 Country Music Week None
HO022 Credit Union Day, National/International None
HO023 Crime Prevention Week, National None
HO024 Day of Prayer Partial
HO025 Defense Transportation Day, National None
HO026 Defense Week, National None
HO027 DeMolay Week None
HO028 Discover America Planning Week None
HO029 Drug Abuse Prevention Week None
HO030 Earth Week – Day None
HO031 Easter None
HO032 Education Week, American Partial
HO033 Emergency Medical Services Week None
HO034 Disability Employment Awareness Month None
HO034 Employ the Handicapped Week, National None
HO035 Engineers Week, National None
HO036 Environment Day, World None
HO037 Epilepsy Month, National None

Erikson Day, Leif

HO039 Family Week, National None
HO040 Farm City Week, National None
HO041 Farm Safety Week, National None
HO042 Father’s Day None
HO043 Fire Prevention Week None
HO044 Flag Day, Week None
HO045 Foreign Language Week, National None
HO046 Forest Products Week, National None
HO047 Foster Memorial Day, Stephen None
HO048 Four-H Week, National None
HO049 Freedom Day, National None
HO050 Gold Star Mother’s Day None
HO051 Golf Day, National None
HO052 Good Neighbor Day, National None
HO053 Goodwill Week, National None
HO054 Handicapped Awareness Week, National None
HO055 Health Day, World None
HO056 Heart Month, American Partial
HO057 Highway Week, National None

Hispanic Heritage Week, National

HO059 Historic Preservation Week, National None
HO060 History Month, American None
HO061 Hobby Month, National None
HO062 Fishing Day, National Hunting and None
HO063 Inauguration Day None
HO064 Independence Day Partial

Independence Day Greetings – Heads of State & Representatives

The following Case Files in this subject category have been digitized:



HO065 Jefferson’s Birthday, Thomas None
HO066 Chanukah (Hannukah) [Jewish Holidays] (0.3 l.ft.)
This secondary subject category contains material related to creating, composing and editing the annual Presidential Message for the Jewish High Holy Days (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur); exchanging various Jewish holiday greetings with the Prime Minister and President of Israel; establiishing a public relations link with Jewish media for th presidential messages on Jewish holidays; and responding to requests for the annual Message and requests for additional mesages for Passover, Hannukah, etc.
HO067 Labor Day Partial
HO068 Law Day Partial
HO069 Library Week, National None
HO070 Lincoln’s Birthday Partial
HO071 Little League Baseball Week, National None
HO072 Loyalty Day None
HO073 March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month None
HO074 Maritime Day, National None
HO075 Memorial Day None
HO076 Mental Health Day/Week/Month None
HO077 Mothers’ Day None
HO078 Music Week, National None
HO079 Native American Awareness Week None
HO080 Newspaper Boy Week, National None
HO081 Newspaper Week, National None
HO082 Nursing Home Week, National None
HO083 Older Americans Month None

Opportunities Industrialization Centers Month (Leon Sullivan OIC Program (1 folder)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the tenth anniversary of Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc. which was celebrated in October 1981. Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc. (OICA) is a non-profit organization that works with the poor, unemployed, underemployed and youth. The organization primarily works to develop self-help strategies for prepare people for the workforce.

HO085 Pan American Aviation Day None
HO086 Pan American Day None
HO087 Pan American Health Day None
HO088 Parkinson’s Week, National None
HO089 Pest Control Month, National None
HO090 Poison Prevention Week, National None
HO091 Police Week None
HO092 Port Week, National Partial
HO093 Printing Week, National, International None
HO094 Pulaski Day, General None
HO095 Red Cross Month, Day Partial
HO096 Rural Health Week, National None
HO097 Safe Boating Week, National None
HO098 Safety on the Streets Week, National None
HO099 Saint Patrick’s Day Partial
HO100 Salesman’s Month, National Partial
HO101 Save Your Vision Week None
HO102 School Lunch Week, National None
HO103 School Safety Patrol Week, National None
HO104 Secretaries Week/Day None

Small Business Week

HO106 Space Exploration Day None
HO107 Steelmark Month None

Baron von Steuben Day (2 folders)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to the annual celebrations in honor of Baron von Steuben, the German general who assisted the American army during the Revolutionary War.

HO109 Tennis Week, National None
HO110 Thanksgiving Day Partial
HO111 Trade Week, Work None
HO112 United Nations Day, Week None
HO113 United Nations International Children’s Educational Fund Day None
HO114 Veterans Day Partial
HO115 Volunteer Firemen Week, National None
HO116 Volunteer Work, National Partial
HO117 Washington’s Birthday, George None
HO118 White Cane Safety Day None
HO119 Wildlife Week, National None

Women’s Equality Day (319 p.)


Women’s Week/Day, Federal (4 p.)


Women’s Week, National Business (82 p.)


Women’s Week, National Council of [Empty File]

HO124 Wright Brothers’ Day None
HO125 Young Audiences Week, National



A primary category containing information pertaining to legal, recognized and suggested holidays and observances.