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Parks - Monuments (.4 l. ft; Box 1)
This primary subject category contains material relating to Times Square development plans and protection of historic theaters, particularly the Morosco and Helen Hayes Theaters; requests for support of specific histroic sites or creation of specific historic sites; funding for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Preservation Act; A report on the historic preservation issues in the termination of the U.S. Trust of Micronesia; and additions to the National Trail system.


Cemeteries (.3 l. ft; Box 2)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to cemetery maintenance; changes in gravestones from upright to flat in certain verteran's cemetaries; the internment of an "unknown" Vietnam War era soldier; and requests and grants for waivers of rules governing internment in Arlington National Cemetery and other National Cemeteries.


Materials - Monuments (3.3 l. ft; Box 2-11)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to proposals for new historic sites such as a Franklyn Delano Roosevelt Washington, DC-area memorial, a living-garden in FDR's honor at Warm Springs, GA, a Mt. St. Helens volcanic monument, and a Mary McLeod Bethune "house"; controversy over the design for the Vietnam War Memorial; gratitude from First Lady Nancy Reagan to the private donors of the Vietnam War Memorial Fund; the internment of an "unknown" Vietnam War era soldier ceremony; protests against the Fine Arts Council of Washington, DC's rejection of the site for the Vietnam War Women's Memorial site; recoginiton of Disabled Vietnam War Veterans; the refurbishment and 100th anniversary celebrtation of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; controversy over the proposal to create a memorial on U.S. soil to General Draza Mikailovic (considered in his home country, Croatia, as a Nazi collaborator); support and opposition to a court ruling on the dismantling of a "Vietnam POW/MIA" memorial cross at Camp Smith, Hawai; upkeep at current monuments, parks, and historic sites; the Korean War Memorial; and signing ceremonies for monument/memorial bills and resolutions.

This category also contains material regarding memorial services for individuals or groups such as soldiers killed in the 1983 Lebanon Marine barracks bombing; the death of Senator John East, Congresman Larry MacDonald, Clair Booth Luce, and individual White House staff members and their family members.


Parks - Reservations (1 l.ft; Boxes 11-13)
This secondary subject category contains material relating to government policies for national parks and historic sites; decisions about government involvement and financial commitment to the rebuilding of the performance pavilion in Wolf Trap National Park after the 1982 fire that destroyed the previous pavilion; support from local individuals, Governors and Congressmen for expansion and/or designation of national parks; debate on rolling back the Carter Administration’s concept of “integral vistas;” legislation addressing volunteers versus contractors in national parks; new regulations for protesting in Lafayette Park; White House staff evaluations of proposed congressional legislation, mostly for appropriations for new parks and historic sites; and comments on wildfires and management of wildfires in Yellowstone National Park.


Pennsylvania Avenue Plans (Empty)
The White House Office of Records Managment did not transfer any material within this secondary subject category to the Library.


Parks-Monuments (PA) is a White House Office of Records Managment subject file category containing material regarding memorial, monuments, historic sites, parks, reservations and cemeteries.