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Postal Service (3.1 l. ft; Box 1-8)
This primary category contains material relating to postal services including lost mail, insurance claims for lost items; postal rate hikes, reductions in service or closing or transferring of post office branches, and accusations of mail fraud; information and opinions on the roll-out of the “Zip +4” nine-digit postal code; multiple requests for commemorative stamp subjects; referrals to the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee regarding commemorative stamp subjects; Presidential participation at the unveiling of new stamps and requests for Presidential endorsements for stamp subjects; franking privileges and abuses of franking; Congressional and agency requests to eliminate postal rates for mail and aid packages to Poland; ideas for improving postal service such as automated sorting and reorganizations, partnerships with private firms, and/or outright privatization of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS); cooperation between the USPS and private mail box locations; a mailing campaign from non-profit organizations asking for “stabilization of postal rates” particularly for third class and bulk mail; and finalization of postal treaties and conventions with various countries. This category also contains material about the United States Postal Service involvement with the newly emerging “electronic mail service,” known as e-com in the early 1980s. This category contains material regarding the Electronic Computer Originating Mail Service, a prototype email service to be provided by the U.S. Post Service; continued lobbying from private firms and the trade group, Ad Hoc Committee for Computer Telecommunications (ACCT) to prevent the USPS from beginning an email service; and as a peripheral part of this discussion, support or protests regarding the Private Express Statutes which gave the USPS a monopoly of mail delivery.

Material regarding the in-house White House e-mail service and their contractors is located in Subject File Category WH007

Material regarding “duck stamps,” required licenses for waterfowl hunting in the United States, has been transferred to Subject File Category NR002 (Fish – Wildlife).