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A primary subject category containing information pertaining to speeches; special budget messages to Congress; Saturday radio speeches; Presidential remarks at White House and outside events; statements on legislation, agreements and special occasions made by President Reagan or read by him. Includes background material, speech drafts, memos from the White House staff suggesting changes or commenting on drafts, and correspondence from the public concerning the President’s speeches or remarks.

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Inaugural Address, President’s, (800 pp.) [01/20/1981 and 01/21/1985]

SP200 Messages to Congress, President’s Open
SP210 Budget Message Open
SP210-81 Budget Message, 1981 Open

Budget Message, 1982

SP210-83 Budget Message, 1983 Open

Budget Message, 1984

SP210-85 Budget Message, 1985 Open
SP210-86 Budget Message, 1986 Open
SP210-87 Budget Message, 1987 Open
SP210-88 Budget Message, 1988 Open

Economic Reports

SP220-81 Economic Report, 1981 Open
SP220-82 Economic Report, 1982 Open
SP220-83 Economic Report, 1983 Open
SP220-84 Economic Report, 1984 Open
SP220-85 Economic Report, 1985 Open
SP220-86 Economic Report, 1986 Open
SP220-87 Economic Report, 1987 Open
SP220-88 Economic Report, 1988 Open
SP230 State of the Union (400 p.) Open
SP230-81 State of the Union, 1981 (50 p.) Open

State of the Union, 1982 (1,900 p.) [1/26/1982]


State of the Union, 1983 (2,800 p.) [1/25/1983]


State of the Union, 1984 (2,400 p.) [1/25/1984]


State of the Union, 1985 (1,400 p.) [2/6/1985]


State of the Union, 1986 (3,300 p.) [2/4/1986]


State of the Union, 1987 (5, 200 p.) [1/27/1987]

SP230-88 State of the Union, 1988 (5,200 p.) Open
SP240 Special Messages Open
SP281 Special Messages, 1981 Open
SP281-01 Budget Rescission 01/29/1981 (14 pp.) Open

District of Columbia Budget, 01/30/1981

SP281-03 Budget Rescission Withdrawals 02/13/1981 (96 pp.) Open

Special Messages-Economic Recovery Program, 02/13/1981 (649pp.)


Economic Address before Congress, 02/18/1981

SP281-06 Fishery Agreement, US-Norway, 02/24/1981 Open
SP281-07 Iran Suspension Litigation, 02/24/1982 Open
SP281-08 Budget Revisions Fiscal Year 1982, 03/10/1981 (452 pp.) Open
SP281-09 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals 03/10/1981 (category empty) Open

Budget Rescission 03/17/1981 (339 pp.)

SP281-11 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals 03/19/1981 (118 pp.) Open
SP281-12 Budget Savings-Additional Details-FY’82 04/7/1981 Open
SP281-13 Maritime and Fishery Treaties with Canada, 04/21/1981 Open

Budget Rescissions Revisions and Deferrals 04/27/1981 (88 pp.)

This subject file has been digitized in full and can be viewed here


Economic Address, 04/28/1981 (250 pp.)


Jackson-Vanik Waiver Authority Extension, 06/02/1981

SP281-17 Budget Rescissions, 06/08/1981 Open
SP281-18 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals 06/19/1981 (100 pp.) Open
SP281-19 Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, US-EGYPT, 07/06/1981 Open
SP281-20 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals 07/16/1981 (183 pp.) Open
SP281-21 Oil Shale Corporation Loan Guarantee Agreement, 08/25/1981 Open
SP281-22 Federal Pay Comparability Alternative Plan, 08/31/1981 Open
SP281-23 Budget Deferrals, 09/10/1981 Open
SP281-24 Iran Emergency Periodic Report, 09/22/1981 Open
SP281-25 Budget Deferrals, 10/08/1981 Open
SP281-26 Alaskan Natural Gas Transportation System, 10/15/1981 Open
SP281-27 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 10/20/1981 Open
SP281-28 Budget Deferrals and Rescission, 10/23/1981 Open
SP281-29 Budget Deferrals, 10/29/1981 Open

Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 11/06/1981

SP281-31 Iran National Emergency, 11/12/1981 Open
SP281-32 Budget Deferral, 11/13/1981 Open

Canadian Border Broadcasting, 11/17/1981

SP281-34 VETO: H.J. Resolution 357, Appropriations for FY82, 11/23/1981 Open
SP281-35 Budget Revisions and Deferrals, 01/22/1982 Open

Special Messages, 1982


Bangladesh-US Nuclear Energy Agreement, 02/02/1982

SP282-02 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals 02/05/1982 Open
SP282-03 Revised Budget Rescission, 02/19/1982 Open
SP282-04 Small Business Special Message & Annual Report, 03/01/1982 Open
SP282-05 Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act, 03/17/1982 Open
SP282-06 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 03/18/1982 Open
SP282-07 VETO: S. 1503, Energy Policy Conservation Act, 03/20/1982 Open
SP282-08 Enterprise Zone Tax Act of 1982, 03/23/1982 Open
SP282-09 District of Columbia Budget, 04/15/1982 Open
SP282-10 Budget Revision and Deferrals, 04/23/1982 Open
SP282-11 Iran Emergency Periodic Report, 05/06/1982 Open

Fishery Agreement, US-USSR, 05/11/1982

SP282-13 Prayer in Public Schools Amendment, 05/17/1982 Open

Budget Revisions and Deferrals, 05/18/1982

SP282-15 Fedearl Energy Reorganization Act of 1982, 05/24/1982 Open

VETO: H.R. 5118, Papago Indian Water Rights, 06/01/1982

SP282-17 Jackson-Vanik Waiver Authority Extension, 06/02/1982 Open

Budget Revisions and Deferrals, 06/02/1982

SP282-19 VETO: H.R. 5922, Urgent Supplemental Appropriations [and Housing Stimulus] Bill, 06/24/1982  (80 p.) Open
SP282-20 VETO: H.R. 6682, Supplemental Appropriations for FY 82 Bill, 06/25/1982  (5 p.) Open
SP282-21 VETO: H.R. 6198, Extensions of the “Manufacturing Clause,” Copyright Law, 07/08/1982 (21 p.) Open
SP282-22 Fishery Agreement, US-Poland, 06/21/1982 Open
SP282-23 Budget Rescission and Deferral, 06/23/1982 Open
SP282-24 Budget Rescission and Deferral, 07/16/1982 Open
SP282-25 Budget Rescission, 07/28/1982 Open
SP282-26 Fishery Agreement, US-Korea, 08/11/1982 Open
SP282-27 Fishery Agreement, US-Spain, 08/13/1982 Open
SP282-28 Budget Rescission, Deferrals, and Revisions, 08/23/1982 Open
SP282-29 VETO: H.R. 6863, Supplemental Appropriations, 08/28/1982 Open
SP282-30 Federal Pay Comparability Alternative Plan, 08/26/1982 Open
SP282-31 Crime Message, 09/13/1982 Open
SP282-32 Fishery Agreement, US-Japan, 09/20/1982 Open
SP282-33 Budget Revision and Deferral, 09/23/1982 Open
SP282-34 Budget Deferrals, 10/01/1982 Open
SP282-35 VETO: H.R. 1371, Contract Disputes Act, 10/15/1982 Open
SP282-36 VETO: S. 2577, Environmental Research, 10/22/1982 Open
SP282-37 Iran Emergency Periodic Report, 11/01/1982 Open
SP282-38 Iran National Emergency, 11/08/1982 Open
SP282-39 Federal-Aid Highway Reauthorization Act of 1982, 11/30/1982 Open
SP282-40 Strategic Petroleum Reserve Decision on Fill Rate, 12/01/1982 Open
SP282-41 Budget Deferrals, 12/06/1982 Open
SP282-42 Budget Deferrals, 12/07/1982 Open
SP282-43 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 12/16/1982 Open
SP283 Special Messages, 1983 Open
SP283-01 Budget Deferrals and Revisions, 01/05/1983 Open
SP283-02 International regulations at Sea Amendments, 01/27/1983 Open
SP283-03 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 02/01/1983 Open
SP283-04 Fishery Agreement, US and Korea, 02/09/1983 Open
SP283-05 Tuition tax Credit Legislation, 02/16/1983 Open
SP283-06 Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act, 02/18/1983 Open
SP283-07 Federalism Proposals -- Mega-Block Grants, 02/24/1983 Open
SP283-08 Natural Gas Consumer Regulatory Reform Amendments, 1983, 02/28/1983 Open
SP283-09 Health Incentives Reform, 02/28/1983 Open
SP283-10 Enterprise Zone and Development Act of 1983, 03/07/1983 Open
SP283-11 Prayer in Public/Private Schools, Constitutional Amendment, 03/08/1983 Open
SP283-12 Budget Deferrals, 03/09/1983 Open
SP283-13 Employment Act of 1983, 03/11/1983 Open
SP283-14 Education, 03/17/1983 Open
SP283-15 Crime Control Act of 1983, 03/16/1983 Open
SP283-16 Small Business Special Message and Annual Report, 03/18/1983 Open
SP283-17 Motorcycle Industry Import Relief, 04/01/1983 Open
SP283-18 VETO: S.366, Claims of Pequot Indians, 04/05/1983 Open
SP283-19 Civil Rights Commission Reauthorization Act of 1983, 04/06/1983 (100 pp.) Open
SP283-20 District of Columbia Budget, 04/12/1983 Open
SP283-21 Budget Deferrals, 04/21/1983 Open
SP283-22 Central America (In Person) [Address Before a Joint Session of Congress], 04/27/1983 (700 pp.) Open
SP283-23 Iran Emergency, Periodic Report, 05/02/1983 Open
SP283-24 Fishery Agreement, US-German Democratic Republic, 05/02/1983 Open
SP283-25 Fishery Agreement, US-USSR, 05/02/1983 Open
SP283-26 Fishery Agreement, US-Poland, 05/03/1983 Open
SP283-27 Jackson Vanik Waiver Authority Extension, 06/03/1983 Open
SP283-28 Budget Deferrals, 05/19/1983 Open
SP283-29 Budget Deferrals, 05/19/1983 Open
SP283-30 VETO: S.970, Indian Self-Determination, 06/17/1983 (4 p.) Open
SP283-31 Social Security Agreement, US-Belgium, 06/28/1983 Open
SP283-32 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 07/07/1983 Open
SP283-33 Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1983, 07/12/1983 Open
SP283-34 Budget Deferrals, 07/28/1983 Open
SP283-35 VETO: H.R. 3564, 1984 Crop Feed Grain Program, 08/12/1983 Open
SP283-36 VETO: H.R. 338, PL98-63 Correction Open
SP283-37 Budget Deferral, 08/18/1983 Open
SP283-38 VETO: S.J.R. 149, Milk Price Support Program, 08/23/1983 Open
SP283-39 Federal Pay Comparability Alternative Plan, 08/31/1983 Open
SP283-40 National Productivity and Innovation Act of 1983, 09/12/1983 Open
SP283-41 Budget Deferrals, 09/28/1983 Open
SP283-42 Budget Deferrals, 10/03/1983 Open
SP283-43 VETO: H.R. 1062, Land Conveyance, Lane County, OR, 10/19/1983 Open
SP283-44 National Economic Emergency Export Control Regulations, 10/14/1983 Open
SP283-45 Iran Emergency Report, 11/04/1983 Open
SP283-46 Iran Continuing State of Emergency, 11/04/1983 Open
SP283-47 Budget Rescission and Deferrals, 11/17/1983 Open
SP283-48 Budget Deferrals, 12/14/1983 Open
SP283-49 Budget Rescission and Deferrals. 12211093 Open
SP283-50 Budget Deferrals, 01/12/1984 Open
SP284 Special Messages, 1984
SP284-01 Nuclear Energy Agreement, US-Sweden, 01/26/1984 Open
SP284-02 Norway-US Nuclear Energy Agreement, 01/26/1984 Open
SP284-03 Fishery Agreement, US-Bulgaria, 01/26/1984 Open
SP284-04 Social Security Agreement, US and Canada, 01/26/1984 Open
SP284-05 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 02/01/1984 Open
SP284-06 Central America Democracy, Peace & Development Initiative, 02/17/1984 Open
SP284-07 VETO: S. 684, Program of Water Research, 02/21/1984 (3p.) Open
SP284-08 Budget Deferrals, 02/22/1984 Open
SP284-09 Small Business Message & Report on Small Business, 03/19/1984 Open
SP284-10 Budget Deferrals, 03/26/1984 Open
SP284-11 Compact of Free Association – Micronesia, 03/30/1984 Open
SP284-12 District of Columbia Budget, 04/10/1984 Open
SP284-13 Anti-Terrorism Legislation, 04/26/1984 Open
SP284-14 Iran Emergency Periodic Report, 05/05/1984 Open
SP284-15 Fishery Agreement, US-USSR, 05//08/1984 Open
SP284-16 Budget Deferrals, 05/08/1984 Open
SP284-17 Fishery Agreement, US-USSR, 05/08/1984 Open
SP284-18 Social Security Agreement, US_UK, 05/10/1984 Open
SP284-19 Youth Employment Opportunity Wage Act of 1984, 05/17/1984 Open
SP284-20 Budget Deferrals, 05/21/1984 Open
SP284-21 Energy Security Reserve Amendments of 1984, 05/25/1984 Open
SP284-22 Jackson-Vanik Waiver Authority Extension, 05/31/1984 Open
SP284-23 Agreement for Cooperation to Atomic Energy, US-UK 06/06/1984 Open
SP284-24 Budget Deferrals and Revision, 06/20/1984 Open
SP284-25 Fishery Agreement, US-Denmark & Faroe Islands, 07/13/1984 Open
SP284-26 Budget Deferral and Revisions, 07/20/1984 Open
SP284-27 District of Columbia Budget Supplemental, 08/16/1984 Open
SP284-28 EC-US International Fishery Agreement, 08/27/1984 Open
SP284-29 VETO: S.2436: Communications Act of 1934, 08/29/1984 Open
SP284-30 Federal Pay Comparability Alternative Plan, 08/0/1984 Open
SP284-31 Budget Deferral, 09/06/1984 Open
SP284-32 Security of US Diplomatic Missions, 09/27/1984 Open
SP284-33 Fishery Agreement, US-Iceland, 09/28/1984 Open
SP284-34 Budget Deferrals, 10/01/1984 Open
SP284-35 VETO: HR 1362 Relief of Joseph Karel Hasek, 10/08/1984 Open
SP284-36 Budget Deferrals, 10/03/1984 Open
SP284-37 Budget Revisions and Deferrals, 11/29/1984 Open
SP285 Special Messages, 1985 Open
SP285-01 Budget Deferrals, 01/04/1985 Open
SP285-02 Budget Rescissions, 02/06/1985 (464 pp.) Open
SP285-03 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 02/06/1985 Open
SP285-04 District of Columbia Budget Supplemental, 02/19/1985 Open
SP285-05 Compact of Free Association – Micronesia, 02/20/1985 Open
SP285-06 VETO: HR 1096, Famine Relief Bill, 03/06/1985 Open
SP285-07 Budget Deferrals, 03/01/1985 Open
SP285-08 Social Security Agreement, US and Italy, 03/06/1985 Open
SP285-10 Budget Deferrals, 03/22/1985 Open
SP285-11 Youth Employment Opportunity Wage Act of 1985, 03/25/1985 Open
SP285-12 District of Columbia Budget, 04/15/1985 Open
SP285-13 Iran Emergency Periodic Report, 04/22/1985 Open
SP285-14 Nicaragua National Emergency, 05/01/1985 Open
SP285-15 Free Trade Area Implementation Act, US-Israel, 04/29/1985 Open
SP285-16 Nuclear Energy Agreement, US-Finland, 05/21/1985 Open
SP285-17 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 05/16/1985 Open
SP285-18 Tax Reform, 05/29/1985 (1,200 pp.) Open
SP285-19 Jackson-Vanik Waiver Authority, 06/03/1985 Open
SP285-20 Fisherman’s Protective Act – Whales, 05/31/1985 Open
SP285-21 Budget Deferrals, 06/20/1985 Open
SP285-22 Nuclear Energy Agreement, US and PRC (China), 07/24/1985 Open
SP285-23 Budget Deferral, 07/30/1985 Open
SP285-24 Productivity Message, 07/30/1985 Open
SP285-25 Defense Nuclear Cooperation, US-France, 08/02/1985 Open
SP285-26 District of Columbia Budget Supplemental, 08/02/1985 Open
SP285-27 Regulatory Program of the U.S. Government, 08/08/1985 Open
SP285-28 Non-Rubber Footwear Industry Import Relief, 08/28/1985 Open
SP285-29 Federal Pay Comparability Alternative Plan, 08/29/1985 Open
SP285-30 South Africa National Emergency, 09/09/1985 Open
SP285-31 Fishery Agreement, US-Poland, 09/12/1985 Open
SP285-32 Fishery Agreement, US-China (PRC), 09/12/1985 Open
SP285-33 Budget Deferrals, 10/01985 Open
SP285-34 Budget Deferrals, 10/01/1985 Open
SP285-35 South African Krugerrand 10/01/1985 Open
SP285-36 Fishery Agreement, US-USSR, 10/01/1985 Open
SP285-37 Nicaraguan Emergency Report, 10/31/1985 Open
SP285-38 Iran national Emergency, 11/01/1985 Open
SP285-39 VETO: HR 2409 – Public Health Service Act, 11/08/1985 Open
SP285-40 Iran Emergency Periodic Report (Sec. 204 (c)), 11/13/1985 Open
SP285-41 VETO: HR 3036 – Treasury /USPS/EOP Appropriations, 11/15/1985 Open
SP285-42 Budget Deferrals, 11/25/1985 Open
SP285-43 Social Security Agreement, US and Sweden, 11/25/1985 Open
SP285-44 VETO: HR 1562 – Multifiber Arrangement, 12/17/1985 Open
SP285-45 Maryland Land Conveyance, HR3003, 12/17/1985 Open
SP285-46 VETO: HR 1404 – Wildlife Refuge, 01/14/1986 Open
SP285-47 VETO: HR 3384 Federal Employee Health Benefits, 01/17/1986 (21p.) Open
SP286 Special Messages, 1986 Open
SP286-01 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 02/05/1986 Open
SP286-02 America’s Agenda for the Future – Legislative Message, 02/06/1986 Open
SP286-03 VETO: HR 2466 – US Coast Guard Changes, 02/14/1986 Open
SP286-04 Nicaragua Assistance Authority, 02/25/1986 Open
SP286-05 Northern Ireland and Ireland Assistance Act of 1986, 03/05/1986 Open
SP286-06 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 03/12/1986 Open
SP286-07 Freedom, Regional Security, and Global Peace, 03/14/1986 Open
SP286-08 South African Emergency Periodic Report, 03/17/1986 Open
SP286-09 Nicaragua Aid to Democratic Resistance, 03/19/1986 Open
SP286-10 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 03/20/1986 Open
SP286-11 Palau Compact of Free Association, 04/19/1986 Open
SP286-12 District of Columbia Budget, 04/22/1986 Open
SP286-13 Federal Juvenile Delinquency Programs, 04/22/1986 Open
SP286-14 Defense Establishment Reorganization, 04/24/1986 Open
SP286-15 Budget Rescissions, 04/25/1986 Open
SP286-16 Philippines Assistance Act of 1986, 04/25/1986 Open
SP286-17 VETO: S.J. Resolution – Saudi Arabia Arms Sales, 05/21/1986 Open
SP286-18 Iran Emergency Report Open
SP286-19 Nicaragua Emergency Report, 05/23/1986 Open
SP286-20 Western Red Cedar Shakes & Shingles Import Determination, 05/23/1986 Open
SP286-21 Strategic Modernization Program, 06/03/1986 Open
SP286-22 Jackson-Vanik Waiver Authority Extension, 06/03/1986 Open
SP286-23 Budget Deferrals, 06/24/1986 Open
SP286-24 Fishery Agreement Extension, US-USSR, 07/01/1986 Open
SP286-25 District of Columbia Budget Supplemental, 07/15/1986 Open
SP286-26 Binary Chemical Munitions Program, 07/29/1986 Open
SP286-27 Libyan Emergency Periodic Report, 07/30/1986 Open
SP286-28 Norwegian Harvest of Minke Whales, 08/04/1986 Open
SP286-29 Regulatory Program of the United States, 08/07/1986 Open
SP286-30 Nuclear Testing, Report on the Hart Amendment, 08/14/1986 Open
SP286-31 Federal Pay Comparability Alternative Plan 08/28/1986 Open
SP286-32 Drug Free America Act of 09/15/1986 Open
SP286-33 South African Emergency Report, 09/25/1986 Open
SP286-34 VETO: 2316, Paulette Mendes-Silva, 09/25/1986 Open
SP286-35 VETO: H.R. 4868 – South Africa, 09/26/1986 Open
SP286-36 Budget Deferrals, 09/26/1986 Open
SP286-37 Native American Programs Act of 1974, 09/26/1986 Open
SP286-37 VETO: H.R. 3247 Native Americans, 09/26/1986 Open
SP286-39 VETO: H.R. 2787 – SBA Pilot Programs, 10/07/1986 Open
SP286-40 VETO: H.J. Resolution 748 – Continuing Appropriations, 10/09/1986 Open
SP286-41 Budget Deferrals (2nd Special Message FY88), 12/15/1986 Open
SP286-42 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 01/05/1987 Open
SP287 Special Messages, 1987 Open
SP287-01 VETO: H.R. 1 – Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 01/30/197 Open
SP287-02 Recommendations on Disposition of Nuclear Testing Treaty, 01/13/1987 Open
SP287-03 Libyan Emergency Periodic Report, 01/21/1987 Open
SP287-04 Legislative Message, 01/27/1987 Open
SP287-05 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 01/28/1987 Open
SP287-06 Competitiveness, 02/19/1987 Open
SP287-06 Trade Employment and Productivity Act of 1987, 02/19/1987 Open
SP287-07 Medicare Catastrophic Illness Coverage Act, 02/24/1987 (93p.) Open
SP287-08 Federal Juvenile Delinquency Programs, 02/25/1987 Open
SP287-08 Presidential Actions – Juveniles, 02/25/1987 Open
SP287-09 Low Income Opportunity Act of 1987, 02/26/1987 Open
SP287-10 Aid to Central American Democracies, 03/03/1987 Open
SP287-11 Budget Rescissions and Deferrals, 03/04/1987 Open
SP287-12 Federal Credit Union Act of 1987, 03/12/1987 Open
SP287-13 VETO: H.R. 1 – Highway Projects, 03/27/1987 Open
SP287-14 Tower Board Recommendations, 03/31/987 Open
SP287-15 Social Security Agreement, USA/Spain, 04/21/1987 Open
SP287-16 Unified and Specified Combatant Structure Changes, 04/23/1987 Open
SP287-17 Greenland – Beneficiary Country for GSP (Generalized System of Preferences), 05/19/1987 Open
SP287-18 Jackson-Vanik Waiver Authority, 06/02/1987 Open
SP287-19 Iran Emergency, Periodic Report, 06/16/1987 Open

VETO: S. 742 - Fairness in Broadcasting Act of 1987, 06/19/197

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Case File: 475192 (1)475192 (2)

SP287-21 Libyan Emergency Report, 07/10/1987 Open
SP287-22 Social Security, US-Federal Republic of Germany, 07/08/1987 Open
SP287-23 Tungsten Industry, Import Relief Determination, 08/05/1987 Open
SP287-24 Fishery Agreement US-USSR, 08/07/1987 Open
SP287-25 Federal Pay Comparability Alternative Plan, 08/28/1987 Open
SP287-26 Budget Deferrals, 08/27/1987 Open
SP287-28 Budget Deferrals, 10/01/1987 Open
SP287-29 Criminal Justice Reform Act, 10/16/1987 Open
SP287-30 Binary Chemical Weapons Certification, 10/16/1987 Open
SP287-31 Budget Deferrals, 10/29/1987 Open
SP287-32 Iran Prohibiting Imports from, 10/29/1987 Open
SP287-33 Japan-US, Peaceful Uses Nuclear Energy, 11/09/1987 Open
SP287-34 Iran Continuing State of National Emergency, 11/10/1987 Open
SP287-35 Child Protection & Obscenity Enforcement Act, 1987, 11/10/1987 Open
SP287-36 Fishery Agreement, US-Japan, 11/17/1987 Open
SP287-37 Stikime River Region Access Study, 11/17/1987 Open
SP287-38 Iran Emergency Periodic Report, 11/20/1987 Open
SP287-39 Sequester Order, Presidential, 04/20/1987 Open
SP287-39 Sequester Report (OMB) Revised, 11/20/1987 Open
SP287-40 Sequestration Reductions for DOD for FY 88, 11/24/1987 Open
SP287-41 Social Security Totalization Agreement, US-France, 11/30/1987 Open
SP287-42 Compact of Free Association with Palau, 11/30/1987 Open
SP287-42 Proposed Joint Resolution to Implement Palau Compact, 11/30/1987 Open
SP288 Special Messages, 1988 Open
SP288-01 Legislative and Administrative Message, 1988, 01/25/1988 Open
SP288-02 Request for Additional Aid, Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance, 01/27/1988 Open
SP288-03 Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan – Removal from GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) Open
SP288-04 Budget Referrals, 02/19/1988 Open
SP288-05 Superconductivity Competitiveness Act, 1988, 01/23/1988 Open
SP288-06 Truth in Federal Spending Act of 1988, 02/24/1988 Open
SP288-07 Wasteful, Unnecessary, Low Priority Spending, 03/10/1988 Open
SP288-08 VETO: S. 557 Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1975, 03/16/1988 Open
SP288-09 Civil Rights Protection Act of 1988 (175 pp.) Open
SP288-10 Nevada-Florida Land Exchange Authorization Act of 1988, 03/24/1988 Open
SP288-11 Netherlands – US Social Security Agreement, 04/20/1988 Open
SP288-12 German Democratic Republic - US Fishery Agreement, 05/03/1988 Open
SP288-13 VETO: H.R.3 - Omnibus Trade & Competitiveness, 1988 05/24/1988 Open
SP288-14 Iran Emergency Periodic Report, 06/07/1988 Open
SP288-15 Pro-Life Act of 1988, 06/08/1988 Open
SP288-16 USSR-US – INF Treaty, 06/10/1988 Open
SP288-17 Portugal-US Social Security Totalization Agreement, 06/13/1988 Open
SP288-18 Collisions at Sea, International Regulations, 07/26/1988 Open
SP288-19 Budget Deferrals, 4th Special Message, 07/29/1988 Open
SP288-20 VETO: H.R. 4264 – Defense Authorization Bill, 08/03/1988 Open
SP288-21 Human Immunodeficiency Virus, 08/05/1988 Open
SP288-22 Balanced Budget Act Message, 09/09/1988 Open
SP288-23 Regulatory Program of the US Government, 09/1988 Open
SP288-24 VETO: H.R. 1154 - Textile, Apparel & Footwear Trade Act, 1988, 09/24/1988 (7pp.) Open
SP288-25 Budget Deferral, 09/30/1988 Open
SP288-26 Budget Deferrals, 09/30/1988 Open
SP288-27 VETO: 2. 1259 – Access Certain Federal Lands in Arkansas, 10/11/1988 Open
SP288-28 Panama Emergency, Periodic Report, 10/14/1988 Open
SP300 Press Conferences Open
SP381 Press Conferences, 1981 Open
SP382 Press Conferences, 1982 Open
SP383 Press Conferences, 1983 Open
SP384 Press Conferences, 1984 Open
SP385 Press Conferences, 1985 Open
SP386 Press Conferences, 1986 Open
SP387 Press Conferences, 1987 Open
SP388 Press Conferences, 1988 Open
SP400 Requests for Speakers Open
SP500 President’s Addresses to the Nation and Groups Open
SP501 Campaign

This secondary subject category contained approximately 175 speeches given by the President during the 1984 and 1988 presidential campaigns. It includes speeches and remarks at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican Conventions and endorsements and speeches for various Republican candidates. The material reflects President Reagan’s role as the titular head of the Republican Party.

This material was designated as personal papers of Ronald Reagan and it has been transferred to the Ronald Reagan Political Papers collection. It comprises part of SERIES I: White House Subject File SP501 Material. This category was originally arranged alphabetically by state location of the speech. It is now arranged chronologically within Reagan personal papers.

This material is currently not available for research use.

SP502 Congressional Dinner, Washington Press Club, Washington, DC, 02/04/1981 Open
SP503 National Prayer Breakfast, D.C., 02/05/1981 (4 p.) Open
SP504 Economic Address to the Nation from the White House 02/05/1981 (150 p.) Open
SP505 Lincoln Birthday, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, 02/12/1981 Open
SP506 Roy P. Benavidez, Medal of Honor Ceremony, 02/24/1981 Open
SP507 National League of Cities, Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 03/02/1981 Open
SP508 Santa Barbara, CA Trip Remarks, 02/19/1981-02/22/1981 Open
SP509 Canadian Trip Speeches, 03/10/1981-03/11/1981 Open
SP510 New York City Trip Speeches, 03/13/1981-03/15/1981 Open
SP511 Associated General Contractors of America, DC, 03/17/1981 Open
SP512 Republican Congressional Leaders, Washington, DC, 03/17/1981 Open
SP513 St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon, Irish Embassy, Washington, DC, 03/17/1981 Open
SP514 Conservative Political Action Committee, DC 03/20/1981 Open
SP515 Gridiron Club, Capitol Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, 03/28/1981 Open
SP516 Building and Construction Trade, DC 03/30/1981 Open
SP517 WBVP, AM Connection Beaver Falls, PA, 04/20/1981 (Telephone) Open
SP518 White House Correspondents Association, DC 04/15/1981 Open
SP519 Notre Dame University Commencement, South Bend, IN, 05/17/1981 Open
SP520 United States Military Academy Commencement, NY , 05/27/1981 Open
SP521 Jaycees, San Antonia, TX, 06/24/1981 Open
SP522 Central City & California Taxpayers Association, Los Angeles, CA 06/25/1981 Open
SP523 NAACP Convention, Denver, CO, 06/29/1981 Open
SP524 Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC, 07/02/1981 Open
SP525 Jim Thompson Fundraising, McCormick Place, Chicago, 07/07/1981 Open
SP526 Loyal Davis Dinner Speech Open
SP527 Senate Republican Policy Committee, Washington, DC, 07/14/1981 Open
SP528 House Republican Conference, Washington, DC, 07/24/1981 Open
SP529 Taxes and Social Security TV Speech, Atlanta, GA, 07/27/1981 (50 pp.) Open
SP530 National Conference of State Legislatures, Atlanta, GA, 07/30/1981 Open
SP531 Georgia Republicans Reception, Atlanta, GA, 07/30/1981 Open
SP532 Washington Star Luncheon, 08/04/1981 Open
SP533 Ottawa Trip Remarks, Canada, 07/19/1981-07/21/1981 Open
SP534 USS Constellation and USS Fletcher, 08/20/1981 Open
SP535 Target 82 Fundraising, Los Angeles, CA, 08/17/1981 Open
SP536 Orange County Republicans, CA, 08/20/1981 Open
SP537 Illinois Forum Fundraiser, Chicago, IL, 09/02/1981 Open
SP538 United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners, Chicago, IL, 09/03/1981 Open
SP539 Republican Fundraising, Target/82, Santa Barbara, CA, 08/27/1981 Open
SP540 Mayor Koch, Westway Project Check, New York City, 09/07/1981 Open
SP541 Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids, MI, 09/18/1981 Open
SP542 National Federation of Republican Women, Denver, CO, 09/18/1981 Open
SP543 Phillips Art Gallery, Washington, DC, 09/22/1981 Open
SP544 Multiple Sclerosis Ambassadors Ball, 09/22/1981 Open
SP545 Economic Recovery Program, 09/24/1981 (200 p.) Open
SP546 Douglas MacArthur Corridor Dedication, The Pentagon, 09/10/1981 Open
SP547 International Association of Chiefs of Police, New Orleans, LA, 09/28/1981 Open
SP548 Louisiana Fundraising Reception, New Orleans, LA, 09/28/1981 Open
SP549 World Bank / International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC, 09/29/1981 Open
SP550 National Alliance of Business, Washington, DC, 10/05/1981 Open
SP551 World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, PA, 10/15/1981 Open
SP552 New Jersey Fundraiser, Whippany, NJ, 10/15/1981 Open
SP553 Yorktown Bicentennial Celebration, VA, 10/18/1981-10/19/1981 Open
SP554 Bob Hope Recognition Ceremony, USO, Hilton, DC 10/20/81 (2 pp.) Open
SP555 Cancun Summit Remarks, Mexico, 10/21/1981-10/23/1981 Open
SP556 Marshall Coleman Rally, Richmond, VA, 10/27/1981 Open
SP557 GOP Fundraiser, New York, 11/06/1981 Open
SP558 American-Irish Historical Society, New York, 11/06/1981 Open
SP559 ABC News Building Dedication, Washington, DC, 11/12/1981 Open
SP560 Columbia Space Shuttle Telephone Call, 11/13/1981 Open
SP561 Stronger America Salute, Houston, TX, 11/13/1981 Open
SP562 Commanders of the Unified & Specified Command Call, 11/17/1981 Open
SP563 Foreign Policy Address, National Press Club, Washington, DC, 11/18/1981 (225 pp.) Open
SP564 Howard Baker Dinner, Library of Congress, 11/18/1981 Open
SP565 Ohio Fundraising, Cincinnati, OH, 11/30/1981 Open
SP566 Caribbean and Central American Action (by phone), 11/02/1981 Open
SP567 White House Conference on Aging, Washington, DC, 12/08/1981 Open
SP568 Christmas and the Situation in Poland, 12/23/1981 (100 pp.) Open
SP569 New York City Partnership Association, NY, 01/14/1982 Open
SP570 Senior Executive Service Employees, Department of Transportation, Washington, DC, 01/12/1982 Open
SP571 Touchdown Club Dinner, Washington, DC, 01/16/1982 Open
SP572 Inaugural Anniversary Dinner, Republican National Committee, Washington, DC, 01/20/1982 Open
SP573 Baltimore, MD, 01/21/1982 (Cancelled) Open
SP574 Inauguration Anniversary (1st), Executive Forum, DC , 01/20/1982 Open
SP575 National Prayer Breakfast, Washington, DC, 02/04/1982 (15pp.) Open
SP576 Dave Durenberger Reception ad rally, 02/08/1982 Open
SP577 Iowa State Legislature, IA, 02/09/1982 Open
SP578 Indiana State Legislature, 02/09/1982 Open
SP579 GOP Breakfast Fundraiser, Des Moines, IA, 02/09/1982 Open
SP580 National Religious Broadcasters, Washington, DC, 02/09/1982 Open
SP581 Vivian Vahlberg, Swearing-In, Press Club, Washington, DC, 02/10/1982 Open
SP582 Caribbean Basin Initiative, Organization of American States (OAS), Washington, DC, 02/24/1982 Open
SP583 Washington’s Birthday, Young Americans, Mr. Vernon, VA, 02/22/1984 Open
SP584 Voice of America, Washington, DC, 02/24/1982 Open
SP585 Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, DC, 02/26/1982 Open
SP586 Malcolm Wallop Rally, Cheyenne, WY, 03/02/1982 Open
SP587 Harrison Schmitt Rally, Albuquerque, NM, 03/02/1982 Open
SP588 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, CA, 0303/1982 Open
SP589 Merle Haggard Concert, Santa Ynez, CA, 03/07/1982 Open
SP590 Republican Policy Committee, Senate, Washington, DC, 03/19/1982 Open
SP591 Alabama Legislature, Montgomery, AL, 03/01/1982 Open
SP592 Alabama Major Donors, Montgomery, AL, 03/01/1982 Open
SP593 Tennessee Legislature, Nashville, TN, 03/15/1982 Open
SP594 Tennessee Major Donors Reception, Nashville, TN, 03/15/1982 Open
SP595 Oklahoma Major Donors Reception, Oklahoma City, 03/15/1982 Open
SP596 Oklahoma Presidential Reception, Oklahoma City, 03/15/1982 Open
SP597 Oklahoma Legislature, Oklahoma City, 03/16/1982 Open
SP598 National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, DC, 03/18/1982 Open
SP599 National Association of Realtors, Washington, DC, 04/02/1982 Open
SP600 National Conference of Christians and Jews, NY 03/23/1982 Open
SP601 Saturday Radio Speeches Open
SP601-01 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/03/1982 Open
SP601-02 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/10/1982 Open
SP601-03 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/17/1982 Open
SP601-04 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/24/1982 Open
SP601-05 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/01/1982 Open
SP601-06 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/08/1982 Open
SP601-07 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/15/1982 Open
SP601-08 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/22/1982 Open
SP601-09 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/29/1982 Open
SP601-10 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/05/1982 Open
SP601-11 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/28/1982 Open
SP601-12 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/04/1982 Open
SP601-13 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/18/1982 Open
SP601-14 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/25/1982 Open
SP601-15 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/02/1982 Open
SP601-16 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/09/1982 Open
SP601-17 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/16/1982 Open
SP601-18 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/23/1982 Open
SP601-19 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/30/1982 Open
SP601-20 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/06/1982 Open
SP601-21 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/13/1982 Open
SP601-22 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/20/1982 Open
SP601-23 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/27/1982 Open
SP601-24 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/04/1982 Open
SP601-25 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/11/1982 Open
SP601-26 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/18/1982 Open
SP601-27 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/25/1982 (Christmas Address) 100 p. Open
SP601-28 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/01/1983 Open
SP601-29 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/08/1983 Open
SP601-30 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/15/1983 Open
SP601-31 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/22/1983 Open
SP601-32 Saturday Radio Speech, 01/29/1983 Open
SP601-33 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/05/1983 Open
SP601-34 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/12/1983 Open
SP601-35 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/19/1983 Open
SP601-36 Saturday Radio Speech, 02/26/1983 Open
SP601-37 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/05/1983 Open
SP601-38 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/12/1983 Open
SP601-39 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/19/1983 Open
SP601-40 Saturday Radio Speech, 03/26/1983 Open
SP601-41 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/02/1983 Open
SP601-42 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/09/1983 Open
SP601-43 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/16/1983 Open
SP601-44 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/23/1983 Open
SP601-45 Saturday Radio Speech, 04/30/1983 (100 pp.) Open
SP601-46 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/07/1983 Open
SP601-47 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/14/1983 Open
SP601-48 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/21/1983 Open
SP601-49 Saturday Radio Speech, 05/28/1983 Open
SP601-50 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/04/1983 Open
SP601-51 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/11/1983 Open
SP601-52 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/18/1983 Open
SP601-53 Saturday Radio Speech, 06/25/1983 Open
SP601-54 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/02/1983 Open
SP601-55 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/09/1983 Open
SP601-56 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/16/1983 Open
SP601-57 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/23/1983 Open
SP601-58 Saturday Radio Speech, 07/30/1983 Open
SP601-59 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/06/1983 Open
SP601-60 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/13/1983 Open
SP601-61 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/20/1983 Open
SP601-62 Saturday Radio Speech, 08/27/1983 Open
SP601-63 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/03/1983 Open
SP601-64 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/10/1983 Open
SP601-65 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/17/1983 Open
SP601-66 Saturday Radio Speech, 09/24/1983 Open
SP601-67 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/01/1983 Open
SP601-68 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/08/1983 Open
SP601-69 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/15/1983 Open
SP601-70 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/22/1983 Open
SP601-71 Saturday Radio Speech, 10/29/1983 Open
SP601-72 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/05/1983 Open
SP601-73 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/12/1983 Open
SP601-74 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/19/1983 Open
SP601-75 Saturday Radio Speech, 11/26/1983 Open
SP601-76 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/03/1983 Open
SP601-77 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/10/1983 Open
SP601-78 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/17/1983 Open
SP601-79 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/24/1983 Open
SP601-80 Saturday Radio Speech, 12/31/1983 Open
SP602 AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department, Washington, DC, 04/05/1982 Open
SP603 Gridiron Dinner, Washington, DC, 03/271/1982 Open
SP604 Jamaica Trip Remarks, 04/07/1982 Open
SP605 Barbados Trip Remarks, 04/08/1982-04/11/1982 Open
SP606 National Catholic Educational Association, Chicago, IL, 04/15/1982 Open
SP607 Folger Library Reception, Washington, DC, 04/22/1982 Open
SP608 White House Correspondents Association Dinner, Washington, DC, 04/24/1982 Open
SP609 Chamber of Commerce Meeting, Washington, DC, 04/26/1982 Open
SP610 Federal Budget FY 83, Washington, DC, 04/29/1982 Open
SP611 World’s Fair Opening Ceremony, Knoxville, TN, 05/01/1982 Open
SP612 World’s Fair, Pavilion Dedication, Knoxville, TN, 05/01/1982 Open
SP613 Senate/House Fundraiser, Washington, DC, 05/04/1982 Open
SP614 Eureka College Commencement, Peoria, IL, 05/09/1982 Open
SP615 Eureka College Alumni, Regency Hotel, Peoria, IL, 05/09/1982 Open
SP616 Chicago YMCA Capital Development, Chicago, IL, 05/10/1982 Open
SP617 Regional Editors Briefing (Q&A), Chicago, IL, 05/10/1982 Open
SP618 St. Mel High School, Session, Chicago, IL, 05/10/1982 Open
SP619 Wilkinson and Son Farm, Session, Landenberg, PA, 05/14/1982 Open
SP620 Governor Richard Thornburgh Luncheon, Philadelphia, PA, 05/14/1982 Open
SP621 John Heinz Reception, 05/14/1982 Open
SP622 Howard University Fundraiser, Washington, DC, 05/20/1982 Open
SP623 Rockwell Employees, MA, 05/24/1982 Open
SP624 Salute to President, Los Angeles, CA, 05/22/1982 Open
SP625 Mexico - US Interparliamentary Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, 05/28/1982 Open
SP626 European Trip – Departure and Return Remarks, 06/02/1982-06/11/1982 Open
SP627 France Trip Remarks, 06/02/198-06/07/1982 Open
SP628 Vatican Remarks, Rome, Italy Trip, 06/05/1982 Open
SP629 London Trip Remarks, 06/08/1982 (200 p.) Open
SP630 Germany Trip Remarks, 06/09/1982 Open
SP631 Memorial Day Ceremony, Arlington National Cemetery, 05/31/1982 Open
SP632 Address to the United Nations, New York City, NY, 06/17/1982 Open
SP633 Governor William Clements Fundraiser, Houston, TX, 06/15/1982 Open
SP634 US Mission Staff, United Nations, New York City, NY, 06/17/1982 Open
SP635 UN Secretary General Luncheon, New York City, NY, 06/17/1982 Open
SP636 New York Republican Convention, NY, 06/17/1982 Open
SP637 CIA Employees, Langley, VA, 06/23/1982 Open
SP638 Western Editors and Broadcasters, 07/01/1982 Open
SP639 Space Shuttle Landing, Edwards Air Force Base, CA, 07/04/1982 Open
SP640 Senior Citizens Event, Los Angeles, CA, 07/06/1982 Open
SP641 Local Officials, Mayors, and Legislators, Los Angeles, CA, 07/06/1982 Open
SP642 National Association of Counties, Baltimore, MD, 07/13/1982 Open
SP643 Elected Officials & Businessmen Lunch, Baltimore, MD, 07/13/1982 Open
SP644 Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment Rally, 07/19/1982 (100 p.) Open
SP645 Organization of American States (OAS) Caribbean Basin Initiative Coalition Celebration, Washington, DC, 07/21/1982 Open
SP646 Mathews-Dickey, St. Louis, MO, 07/22/1982 Open
SP647 August Busch Olympic Committee, St. Louis, MO, 07/22/1982 Open
SP648 Eureka College, Roy Pfautch, St. Louis, MO, 07/22/1982 Open
SP649 Corn Growers Association, Des Moines, IA, 08/02/1982 Open
SP650 Knights of Columbus, Hartford, CT, 08/03/1982 Open
SP651 Dee Family Farm, Des Moines, IA, 08/02/1982 Open
SP652 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Los Angeles, CA, 08/16/1982 Open
SP653 Billings and Limestone, 100th Birthday, Billings, MT, 08/11/1982 Open
SP654 Larry Williams Luncheon, Billings, MT, 08/11/1982 Open
SP655 Tax Bill, Address to the Nation, Washington, DC, 08/16/1982 Open
SP656 Pete Wilson Fundraising, Los Angeles, CA 08/23/1982 Open
SP657 George Deukmejian Reception, Los Angeles, CA 08/24/1982 Open
SP658 Middle East Proposals, Address to the Nation, 09/01/1982 (200 pp.) Open
SP659 National Back Republican Council, Washington, DC, 09/15/1982 Open
SP660 Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series, Manhattan, KS, 09/09/1982 Open
SP661 GOP Luncheon, Topeka, KS, 09/09/1982 Open
SP662 Western Republican Leaders, Ogden, UT, 09/09/1982 Open
SP663 Mormon Church Regional Welfare Cannery, Ogden, UT, 09/10/1982 Open
SP664 Utah GOP Picnic, Hooper Park, UT, 09/10/1982 Open
SP665 New Citizens Swearing-in, Whitehouse Station, NJ, 09/17/1982 Open
SP666 Millicent Fenwick Fundraiser, Whitehouse Station, NJ, 09/17/1982 Open
SP667 San Gennaro Festival, Flemington, NJ, 09/17/1982 Open
SP668 Accuray Corporation Employees, Columbus, OH, 10/04/1982 Open
SP669 Lebanon Massacre, Remarks to the Nation, White House, 09/20/1982 Open
SP670 USA Today Reception, Washington, DC, 09/15/1982 Open
SP671 David Emory Reception, Washington, DC, 09/21/1982 Open
SP672 Ohio Veterans Organizations, Columbus, OH, 10/04/1982 Open
SP673 Balanced Budget Amendment Statement, White House, 09/30/1982 Open
SP674 American Lobby for the Balanced Budget Amendment, Washington, DC,09/08/1982 Open
SP675 Governor Bud Brown Fundraising, Ohio, 10/4/1982 Open
SP676 GOP Fundraiser, Las Vegas, NV, 10/07/1982 Open
SP677 GOP Rally, Reno, NV, 10/07/1982 Open
SP678 Robert List/Barbara Vucanovich Fundraiser, Reno, NV, 10/07/1982 Open
SP679 Texas Statewide Candidates Rally, Irving, TX, 10/11/1982 Open
SP680 Economy Progress Report, Washington, DC, 10/13/1982 Open
SP681 Crime and Drugs, Justice Department, Washington, DC, 10/14/1982 Open
SP682 President de la Madrid, Remarks, Coronado, CA, 10/08/1982 Open
SP683 Export Trading Act, 1982, Long Beach, CA, 10/08/1982 Open
SP684 Collins Reception, Dallas, TX, 10/11/1982 Open
SP685 Farm Speech, (Radio Farm Network Hook-up), Washington, DC, 10/15/1982 Open
SP686 U.S. League of Savings Association, New Orleans, LA, 11/16/1982 Open
SP687 David Treen Fundraising-Reception, New Orleans, LA, 11/16/1982 Open
SP688 Dauntless, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter, Visit, Miami Beach, FL 11/17/1982 Open
SP689 Miami & South Florida Crime Task Force, Homestead Air Force Base, FL, 11/17/1982 Open
SP690 Arms Control, Address to the Nation, Washington, DC, 11/22/1982 Open
SP691 National League of Cities, Los Angeles, CA, 11/29/1982 Open
SP692 Latin American Trip Remarks, Departure & Return, 11/30/1982 Open
SP693 Sao Paulo/Brasilia, Brazil Trip Remarks, 11/30/1982-12/03/1982 Open
SP694 Bogota, Columbia Trip Remarks, 12/03/1982-12/04/1982 Open
SP695 San Jose, Costa Rica Trip Remarks, 12/04/1982 Open
SP696 Honduras Trip Remarks, 12/04/1982 Open
SP697 Senate Dinner, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 12/09/1982 Open
SP698 USS New Jersey Battleship, Long Beach, CA, 12/28/1982 Open
SP699 Flood Damaged Area, Monroe, LA, 01/02/1983 Open
SP700 American Farm Bureau Federation, Dallas, TX, 01/11/1983 Open
SP701 North Texas Food Bank Tour & Meeting, Dallas, TX, 01/11/1983 Open
SP702 Providence-St. Mel High School, Chicago, IL, 01/19/1983 Open
SP703 Charles H. Percy Fundraising Dinner, Chicago, IL, 01/19/1983 Open
SP704 Executive Forum, Reagan Administration, Washington, DC, 01/20/1983 Open
SP705 IBM Computer Training Class, OIC, Roxbury, MA, 01/26/1983 Open
SP706 Digital Equipment Corporation, Roxbury, MA, 01/26/1983 Open
SP707 Massachusetts High Tech Council Forum, Bedford, MA, 01/26/1983 Open
SP708 Richard Richards Reception, Washington, DC, 01/27/1983 Open
SP709 Andrew Mellon Dinner, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 01/27/1983 Open
SP710 Prisoners & Missing in Southeast Asia, Crystal City, VA, 01/28/1983 Open
SP711 Alfalfa Club Dinner, Washington, DC, 01/29/1983 Open
SP712 St. Louis Regional Commerce & Growth Association, St. Louis, MO, 02/01/1983 Open
SP713 Chrysler Auto Assembly Plant Tour, Fenton, MO, 02/01/1983 Open
SP714 National Religious Broadcasters, Washington, DC, 01/31/1983 Open
SP715 National Prayer Breakfast, Washington, DC, 02/03/1983 Open
SP716 Arizona Young Presidents Organization Teleconference, Washington, DC, 02/14/1983 Open
SP717 Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, DC, 02/18/1983 Open
SP718 National Review Reception, Washington, DC, 02/21/1983 Open
SP719 Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, DC, 02/21/1983 Open
SP720 American Legion, Washington, DC, 02/22/1983 Open
SP721 Commonwealth Club Luncheon, San Francisco, CA 03/04/1983 Open
SP722 Newsweek Satellite Broadcast, (50th Anniversary), Washington, DC, 02/4/1983 Open
SP723 1984 Olympic Committee Fundraiser Luncheon, Los Angeles, 03/03/1983 Open
SP724 Honoring Queen Elizabeth Dinner, California, 03/03/1983 Open
SP725 Dinner aboard Britannia Hosted by Queen Elizabeth, 03/04/1983 Open
SP726 Western Forest Production Coalition Q&A, 03/05/1983 Open
SP727 GOP Reception, Orlando, FL, 03/08/1983 Open
SP728 Math/Science Students & Disney Guests, Orlando, FL, 03/08/1983 Open