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President Reagan attends seminar on religious rights in the Soviet Union. East Room. (Part #1, NOTE: No Presidential remarks on Tape #1) 05/03/1988 Washington, DC 161353842 14:44 00:00-10:00 PP8124A1
Reagan administration Executive forum. Commerce Department Auditorium. (NOTE: No Presidential remarks on tape). 01/20/1982 Washington, DC 161344586 David Stockman, Edwin Meese, James Baker, Caspar Weinberger, Donald Regan 10:25 00:00-120:00 PP0728A
(NOTE: No remarks by President Reagan on tape B). Gridiron club dinner. Capitol Hilton Hotel. (861B has Nancy Reagan's "second hand clothes" performance) 03/27/1982 Washington, DC 161344862 Nancy Reagan; Barry Goldwater 19:20 00:00-62:58 PP0861B
(NOTE: No remarks by President Reagan on tapes A and B). Gridiron club dinner. Capitol Hilton Hotel. (861B has Nancy Reagan's "second hand clothes") 03/27/1982 Washington, DC Nancy Reagan; Barry Goldwater 19:20 00:00-264:00 PP0861A, B, C
Address by President Reagan to the Nation. Oval Office. 02/05/1981 Washington, DC 7226341 21:00 00:00-20:00 PP0033
Entertainment by pianist Byron Janis in honor of the Amir of Bahrain and President Reagan's remarks. East Room. 07/19/1983 Washington, DC 161347000 Byron Janis (piano) 22:10 00:00-30:25 PP1983
Gridiron club dinner. Capitol Hilton Hotel. (861B has Nancy Reagan's "second hand clothes") 03/27/1982 Washington, DC 161344864 Barry Goldwater 19:20 00:00-16:27 PP0861C
Inaugural Address by President Reagan at Inauguration ceremony. U.S. Capitol Building. 01/20/1981 Washington, DC 7087567 Vice President George Bush, Mark Hatfield 11:26 00:00-57:00 PP0001
President Reagan attending reception for the 30th anniversary of the National review. Grand Ballroom Plaza Hotel. (No Presidential remarks) 12/05/1985 New York City, New York 161350828 Charlton Heston 20:00 00:00-37:00 PP5339B
President Reagan attending the 30th anniversary of the National review dinner. Grand Ballroom Plaza Hotel. (Tape #2 of 2) (No Presidential remarks) 12/05/1985 New York City, New York 161350832 William F. Buckley 22:37 00:00-20:00 PP5339C1
President Reagan attends Gridiron club dinner. Washington Sheraton Hotel. (Part #1) (NOTE: No Presidential remarks) 03/26/1988 Washington, DC 161353718 Mario Cuomo, Senator Simpson, Mr. Rowan President of Gridiron Club 23:20 00:00-96:49 PP8086A1
President Reagan during briefing for Western regional state and local elected officials. Room 474 OEOB. (NOTE): ( No Presidential remarks). 04/07/1983 Washington, DC 161346442 Rich Williamson, Jack Svahn, Elizabeth Dole 09:32 00:00-59:48 PP1691A
President Reagan during photo op session with Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Federal Republic of Germany. Rose Garden. 11/15/1982 Washington, DC 161345814 11:35 00:00-00:54 PP1360
President Reagan on departure from National conference of the Building and construction trades AFL/CIO. Washington Hilton Hotel. (assassination attempt and resulting chaos) outside hotel) 03/30/1981 Washington, DC 14:30 00:00-21:00 PP0200
President Reagan's Acceptance Address at the 1984 Republican National Convention. Dallas Convention Center. 08/23/1984 Dallas, Texas 7087575 Ray Charles 21:06 00:00-70:14 PP2972
President Reagan's Address and Question and Answer session with Faculty and Students at Moscow State University. 05/31/1988 Moscow, USSR 7087580 16:11 00:00-68:55 PP8152B
President Reagan's Address on Central America to the Joint Session of Congress. US Capitol. 04/27/1983 Washington, DC 7280676 Speaker of The House Tip O'Neill 20:01 00:00-37:25 PP1747
President Reagan's Address on the State of the Union. House Chamber, US Capitol. 02/06/1985 Washington, DC 7280681 Vice President George Bush, Speaker Tip O'Neill 21:05 00:00-40:42 PP5037A
President Reagan's Address on the U.S. Casualties in Lebanon and Grenada, Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station. 11/04/1983 Cherry Point, North Carolina 7280678 12:05 00:00-06:56 PP2242
President Reagan's Address to American soldiers at the DMZ. Camp Liberty Bell. 11/13/1983 Seoul, Korea 7450174 MG Doctor 12:14 00:00-12:07 PP2275
President Reagan's Address to British Parliament. Royal Gallery Westminster Palace. 06/08/1982 London, United Kingdom 7087571 Lord Chancellor and The Speaker of The House of Commons 12:05 00:00-45:14 PP1024
President Reagan's Address to Building and Contractors Trades National legislative conference. Washington Hilton Hotel. 04/05/1982 Washington, DC 161344896 14:00 00:00-33:36 PP0878
President Reagan's Address to Members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Guildhall. London, United Kingdom 06/03/1988 London, England 24468988 Lord Mayor of London, Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, Mr. Remberencer 12:12 00:00-32:00 PP8155B
President Reagan's Address to Nation regarding the release of passengers from TWA flight 847. Oval Office. 06/30/1985 Washington, DC 7226351 18:02 00:00-04:30 PP5181A
President Reagan's Address to Portuguese National Assembly. National Assembly. 05/09/1985 Lisbon, Portugal 161350116 12:30 00:00-39:38 PP5129C
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