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Marie Allen was a detailee from the National Archives and Records Administration assigned to the White House to assist with the implementation of the Presidential Records Act. She was located in the Office of Records Management.

The Library has received several accessions and other identified material for this collection and it will be added and made available for research use at a later date. The material consists of more of the Old Executive Office Building History Group material and some reference material gathered by Marie Allen and Rod Ross (an additional detailee from the National Archives and Records Administration) intended for the future Reagan Library.

This collection currently consists of three series: SERIES I: Presidential Libraries Material, 1977-1987; SERIES II: Subject File; and SERIES III: Old Executive Office Building History Group, 1977-1989.


This series consists of brochures, booklets and publications regarding the existing Presidential Libraries as of 1981. The series includes information about the holdings, hours, directions, exhibits, research facilities and practices regarding the various Libraries. There were multiple copies of these items, but the Library has retained two copies where multiples were available. Allen used these files as hand-outs for inquiries on various other Presidential Libraries. In addition, material was added to this series after Allen returned to the National Archives. The series is arranged in the order of the individual presidency.

SERIES II: SUBJECT FILE, 1972-1984 (0.7 l.ft.; Box 2-3)

This series consists of materials regarding preservation issues for various media types and textual records; historical societies within the Washington, DC area; workshops on handling federal records; a copy of the Presidential Records Act; a report to Congress on the progress and archival practices under the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act (PRMPA); and a set of White House administrative memos sent out to all staff regarding basic principles and practices within the White House and Old Executive Office Building. The series is arranged alphabetically.


This series consists of material regarding the activities of the Executive Office Building History Group. Marie Allen was a member of this group. Material concerns meetings of the group; background information on the construction of the building; previous occupants of the building; plans for renovating various rooms; photos of the building, floor plans and fixtures; original construction drawings particularly of the decorative elements of the building; and Allen’s handwritten notes on this material. There are a number of oversize items for this series.

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