Office of Public Liaison, 1985-1987 (Domestic Policy, Catholics, Family Issues)


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Carl Anderson was a staff member in the White House Public Liaison office beginning in 1985. After Mari Maseng resigned as Director of the office in June 1987, Anderson served as Acting Director until the new Director, Rebecca Range, began work in September. Anderson resigned effective October 1, 1987.

Prior to Anderson’s time in Public Liaison, he served as an assistant to John Svahn, Assistant to the President for Policy Development (OPD). The Reagan Library does not currently have a Carl Anderson collection for his time in OPD.

Although Anderson officially transferred from OPD to Public Liaison in September 1985, his files indicate that he might have been working in the Public Liaison office as early as July 1985. It also appears that he either inherited some Public Liaison material that was created prior to his joining that office, or brought over some material from his time in OPD. In turn, there is some Carl Anderson Public Liaison material scattered in the collections of staff members dealing with his specialties after he left the White House in the fall of 1987.

This collection consists of three series: SERIES I: Correspondence; SERIES II: Subject File; and SERIES III: Events, 1985-1987.


SERIES I: CORRESPONDENCE (1.2 l.ft.; OA 14571)
SERIES II: SUBJECT FILE (12.5 l.ft.; 10 OAs)
SERIES III: EVENTS, 1985-1987 (5 l.ft.; OA 17967-17969, 19405)

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