Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director for Public Liaison; Women, 1985-1987


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Linda Arey (1944- ) was born in Savannah, Georgia but Arey spent most of her youth in Danville, Virginia. She graduated from The College of William and Mary in1966 and went on to complete an M.A. degree at Wake Forest University in 1975. In 1977, she completed her J.D. at the University of Richmond.

Arey describes herself as a "Goldwater" Republican. She was an active member of the Reagan Administration serving in four positions: Special Assistant tot he Attorney General, Public Affairs, 1982-1983; Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Transportation, 1983-1984; Special Assistant and Deputy Director for Public Liaison, 1985-1987; and nominee to the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. In 1988, Arey ran unsuccessfully for the uncompleted Congressional term of the late Congressman W.C. "Dan" Daniel, for the 5th District of Virginia.

Ms. Arey is married and lives in the Washington, DC area.


Scope Note

Material in this collection reflects Arey's position as Deputy Director for Public Liaison under Linda Chavez, her initial hiring at the White House in April 1985. She subsequently was Deputy Director for Mari Maseng (May 1985-June 1987) and Rebecca Range prior to her leaving the White House in late 1987. Her material covers her responsibility for general management of the entire Office of Public Liaison and public liaison events involving the President or Vice President. She also directly administered the women's portfolio, serving as the Administration's conduit for women's organizations ad concerns.

This collection consists of seven series: SERIES I: Correspondence; SERIES II: Subject File; SERIES III: Organizations; SERIES IV: Events; SERIES V: Issues; SERIES VI: Schedule Recommendations; ad SERIES VIII: Weekly Calendars.

SERIES I: CORRESPONDENCE (2.5 l.ft.; OAs 13758-13759)
SERIES II: SUBJECT FILE (2.6 l.ft.; OAS 15023-15024)
SERIES III: ORGANIZATIONS (2.3 l.ft.; OAs 15025-15026)
SERIES IV: EVENTS (5.3 l.ft.; OAS 15027-15028, 15051-15052)
SERIES V: ISSUES (1.7 l.ft.; OAs 15052-15053)
SERIES VII: WEEKLY CALENDARS (3.2 l.ft.; OAs 15055-15056, 15675)

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