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Office of Policy Development, 1981-1982: Policy Analyst, Policy Advisor, Deputy Assistant Director for Legal Policy

Office of Policy Development, 1987-1988: Assistant to the President for Policy Development and Director of the Office of Policy Development


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Gary L. Bauer was born in Covington, Kentucky on May 4, 1946. He graduated from Newport Public High School in 1964 and then attended Georgetown where he graduated in 1968. He received a Henry Cook scholarship from Northern Kentucky businessmen to attend Georgetown Law School in 1969. He graduated with a law degree in 1973.

Mr. Bauer worked in the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign as a senior policy analyst and worked in the Office of the President-Elect as Assistant Director for Policy/Community Services Administration.

Bauer joined the White House in 1981 as a policy analyst in the Office of Policy Development. He was later promoted to Policy Advisor to the President and finally as Deputy Assistant Director of Legal Policy. Bauer left the White House in 1982 for an appointment in the Department of Education as Deputy Under Secretary for Planning, Budget and Evaluation. There he was responsible for developing the Department’s budget. He also stayed active in the White House as the Department’s representative in the Cabinet Council for Human Resources and was Chairman of the Working Group on School Discipline. In addition, he directed the Department’s efforts in the development of the President’s Partnerships in Education Initiative.

In July 1985, Mr. Bauer was appointed Under Secretary of Education.

On January 30, 1987 Bauer returned to the White House, as Assistant to the President for Policy Development and Director of the Office of Policy Development. He succeeded John A. (Jack) Svahn in the position of Assistant to the President for Policy Development. Unlike previous Policy Development Assistants, Bauer was also the Director of the Office of Policy Development.

Bauer resigned from the White House staff in 1988. He became President of the Family Research Council, an evangelical Christian organization dedicated to promoting the traditional family structure. Bauer left this position in 1999 to run for the 2000 Republican presidential nomination.

Bauer is currently president of American Values, an organization dedicated to promoting conservative views on marriage, abortion, and other cultural issues. He is also Chairman of Campaign for Working Families, a political action committee which works to elect conservative candidates to Congress. Bauer lives in the Washington, DC area.



Scope Note

Much of this collection consists of Bauer’s tenure as Assistant to the President for Policy Development. But a significant amount of the collection covers his time serving in the Department of Education; his assistant, Patricia Hines, material from both Education and the Office of Policy Development and his time starting as a policy analyst at the beginning of the Reagan Administration. We have ordered this material by series in a backwards chronological arrangement. Thus, there are two subject files for each separate time at the Office of Policy Development.

Mr. Bauer’s collection is arranged into nine series. It consists of SERIES I: Subject File, 1987-1988; SERIES II: Policy Council Meetings, 1987-1988; SERIES II: President’s Weekly Update, 1987-1988; SERIES IV: Patricia Hines Material; SERIES V: Chronological Files, 1987-1989; SERIES VII: Department of Education Material, 1983-1986; SERIES VIII: Subject File, 1981-1982; and SERIES IX: Publications.

SERIES I: SUBJECT FILE, 1987-1988 (7.1 l.ft; 6 OAs)

This series consists of material from Bauer’s term as Assistant to the President Policy Development and Director of the Office of Policy Development. It represents the bulk of the collection. It is alphabetically arranged.

SERIES II: POLICY COUNCIL MEETINGS, 1987-1988 (0.5 l.ft.; OA 16922)

This series consists of material regarding meetings of the Domestic Policy Council and the Economic Policy Council. The material consists of agendas, lists of attendees, and in some cases, background material for the meetings.

SERIES III: PRESIDENT’S WEEKLY UPDATE, 1987-1988 (1.3 l.ft.; OA 16922-169230

This series consists of Bauer’s named copy of the “Weekly Update” on all offices at the White House which were provided weekly for the President. The updates are arranged chronologically from February 20, 1987-September 30, 1988 with some gaps in weeks.


Patricia Hines worked with Bauer in the Department of Education and come with him to the White House Office of Policy Development when he returned in 1987. She had a series of titles in both the Department of Education, and is listed as Executive Assistant to Bauer for his second time at the White House. The series is arranged in alphabetical order by folder title. The folders contain material where Hines appears to have had the key role and work product. There are many other documents in the collection which showed both Bauer and Hines activity. The material covers both the Department of Education and Office of Policy Development material.

SERIES V: CHRONOLOGICAL FILE, 1987-1989 (0.3 l.ft.; OA 16923)

This series consists of a formal chronological file for Gary Bauer covering March 1987 to January 1989.

SERIES VI: CORRESPONDENCE (0.1 l.ft.; OA 16923-16924)

This series consists of mostly outgoing correspondence and two incoming correspondence folders not identified as part of the formal Chronological File.

SERIES VII: DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, 1983-1986 (4.4. l.ft. OA 16924-16927)

This series contains material brought with Bauer and Patricia Hines upon Bauer’s return to the White House. A considerable amount of it relates to the family working group of which Bauer was chairman during the later time at the Department of Education. This material is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

SERIES VIII: SUBJECT FILE, 1981-1982 (1.4 l. ft.;OA 16927-16928)

This series contains material from Bauer’s original service in the Office of Policy Development as a policy analyst. The material is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

SERIES IX: PUBLICATIONS (1.5 l.ft.; OAs 16928, 19222)

This series consists of books, pamphlets, leaflets, and other printed ephemera. The material appears to concern both general policy and education issues.

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