The White House Office of Records Management (WHORM) Subject File collection consists of action or policy material organized into 60 primary subject categories, subdivided into over 3,000 secondary categories (using alphanumeric file codes), and over 650,000 case files (identified by a six-digit numeric code). WHORM assigned these six-digit numbers to each case file, and entered information about each case file into an automated database.

Using databases allowed Records Management to file two large groupings of the Subject File in the same location. Each had a separate database: CTRH for “correspondence” and SECLOG for Staff Secretary material. Staff secretary documents were sent to President Reagan for his information or action. These case files are noted by an “SS” at the end of the six-digit case file designation. Records Management also used two-letter extensions on case files to indicate office designations such as the most used "PD" for the Office of Policy Development and "CU" for Office of the Counsel to the President. The Library has continued the WHORM practice of filing all of these case files together. Currently the White House databases are not available for public use.

In earlier administrations, the “CF” or Confidential File Subject File material is kept separately. At the Reagan Library this material has been reintegrated within its respective subject file when processed and declassified.

The White House Office of Records Management Subject File is a presidential record and the contents are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Two categories, Political Affairs (PL) and Presidential Personal (PP), were designated by President Reagan as personal papers. Two subcategories, Speeches, Campaign (SP501) and Trips, Campaign (TR003), are also designated as personal papers of the President. Subject File records designated as personal papers are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.