This index is based on material located in the White House Office of Records Management (WHORM) Subject File secondary category FG010-01 (Cabinet Meetings). This index covers material for Reagan Administration Cabinet Meetings deposited with the Office of Records Management and filed in this category, and may include material from postponed or canceled Cabinet Meetings. It is mostly material for first Administration Cabinet meetings.

This index was designed for use with the material from FG010-01, either physically or digitially.

Other likely locations for additional or further information on cabinet meetings include the following collections:

WHORM Subject File:
Staff Member and Office Files 
  • Office of the President:  Presi¬≠dential Briefing Papers (1981-1989)
  • Office of the Cabinet Secretary:  Files of Craig Fuller (for meetings held January 1981- August 1984)
  • Office of Cabinet Affairs:  Office Files (for meetings held in early 1981) 

The indexed table provides the date of the Cabinet Meeting (column 1) and the six digit case file number assigned (Column 2). *
Issues and discussions items are in Column 3 and if a presenter or discussion leader is mentioned it is listed in Column 4.

 * The -CA suffix often attached to identification numbers indicates that the material was handled by the Office of Cabinet Affairs.  Other suffixes indicate handling by: the Office of the Cabinet Secretary (CS); the White House Counsel's Office (CU); the Office of the Staff Secretary (SS); or the Office of Policy Development (PD).  For convenience sake we have listed material under a single case file number.

                                       INDEX TO CABINET MEETINGS:  FG010-01
DateCase File #SubjectPresenter
1/21/1981 000005CA[Iran] Hostage briefing (Freed Americans) Secretary Haig
FY 1981-1984 budget position; preliminary forecasts David Stockman
Cabinet meeting procedures Edwin Meese
Economic Plan decision schedule and timetable David Stockman
Decision schedule follow-up Secretary Edwards
Initial Regulatory Relief ActionsDavid Stockman
Moratorium on Small Procurement David Stockman
Avoiding Major Expenses for Appointees OfficesDavid Stockman
Inspectors General ActionEdwin Meese
Spending Controls
Decrease Travel
Decrease Consultants
01/22/1981000006CAFreed Americans
Telephone LogsAttorney General Smith
Overview of Energy SituationSecretary Edwards
Crude Oil Price DecontrolDvid Stockman
FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
Appointments The President
01/23/1981000007CA Synfuels CorporationDavid Stockman
Uniform Index of Federal Entitlement ProgramDavid Stockman
Early termination of the Council on Wage and Price Stability
Regulatory mattersOMB Review
State of the Union MessageEdwin Meese
01/24/1981000008CATask Force on RegulationThe Vice President
Budget Working GroupDavid Stockman
Cabinet proceduresEdwin Meese
Review of program for freed AmericansSecretary Haig
Debt Ceiling
Automotive Industry Task ForceSecretary Lewis
01/27/1981000009CA Cabinet Procedures Edwin Meese/Craig Fuller
Budget Working GroupsEdwin Harper
Decontrol of crude oil prices
Debt Ceiling Secretary Regan

Inspectors General update
McPherson/Edwin Harper
Regulations/Burden of ProofSecretary Schweiker
Grain Embargo [Against the USSR]Secretary Block
Bilingual Education Regulations RescissionSecretary Bell
Cabinet Meeting ScheduleEdwin Meese
02/04/1981000076CARegulatory Task ForceThe Vice Presdident
Regulations -- Burden of Proof
Grain Embargo (Haig/Block) Secretary Haig/Secretary Block
02/10/1981037985CAGrain EmbargoThe President
PersonnelPenn James
Inspectors General Edwin Harper
Economic ProgramSecretary Regan/David Stockman
Special Prosecutor LegislationAttorney General Smith
Reorganization AuthoirtyDavid Stockman
Cabinet Procedures and ScheduleEdwin Meese
02/13/1981037986CAOperations of Departments on George Washington's BirthdayJames Baker
Cabinet CouncilsEdwin Meese
Placement of Personnel Lyn Nofziger/James Baker
Departmental Actions Related to the BudgetEdwin Meese
Economic Program Announcements The President
Remaining IssuesThe President
02/26/1981037987CA Chrysler Guaranteed Note IssueSecretary Regan
1981 Farm Bill (Block)Secretary Block
Program for Economic RecoverySecretary Regan/David Stockman
Taxation of Social Security BenefitsMartin Anderson
Cabinet Councils Edwin Meese
03/05/1981035824CABarnwell and Three Mile IslandThe President
Senior Executive ServiceLyn Nofiziger/Don Devine/Fred Fielding
Personnel ReductionsDavid Stockman
Legislative Policy ReviewEd Harper/Max Friedersdorf
Speeches and Press ContactJames Baker
Interdepartmental Working GroupsEdwin Meese
03/13/1981038053CA1981 Farm BillSecretary Block
Legislative VetoAttorney General Smith
03/19/1981038054CALabor Negotiations in Coal IndustryThe President
Appointment of Presidential Housing CommissionSecretary Pierce
Economic Recovery Program
Status of Regional Personnel Councils Edwin Harper/Penn James
Advisories on Critical IssuesEdwin Meese
Departmental Public Affairs ActivityDavid Gergen for Ed Meese
Legislative ProcessMax Friedersdorf
Freedom of Information ActAttorney General Smith
04/24/1981 018510CSStrategic Petroleum ReserveCraig Fuller
05/14/1981 018577CAReview of Economic OutlookSecretary Regan/Murray Weidenbaum
Economic Program Legislative StrategyDavid Stockman
Fiscal Year 1981 BudgetDavid Stockman
Food StampsDavid Stockman
05/28/1981 018609CA Update on Tax Program Secretary Regan
Proposed Budget Adjustments for Fiscal Year 1981 David Stockman
Conrail/AMTRAK Secretary Lewis
07/07/1981018690CSAlternative Facilities-- Fort Chaffee and Alien Populations Attorney General Smith
08/04/1981 018924CA Clean Air Act
Waste and Fraud
Debt Collection
09/24/1981 040775CAEconomic Recovery Program:  Phase II David Stockman
Communications Task ForceDavid Gergen
01/12/1982 050131CAFederal Labor Relations
OPM Implementation of the PACE Consent Decree
02/25/1982044316CSPresidential Private Sector Survey on Cost Control in the Federal Government The President
Private Sector Legislative ProgramWilliam Verity
Natural GasEdwin Meese
Foreign TravelWilliam Clark
03/18/1982050182CAConstitutional Balanced Budget Tax Limitation
Tuition Tax CreditsRobert Carleson
04/23/1982 077829CAThrift Industry Secretary Regan
Budget UpdateEdwin Meese/James Baker/Secretary Regan/David Stockman
05/04/1982 044482CASugar ImportSecretary Block
Less Developed Countries Trade InitiativeAmbassador Brock
05/06/1982 044492CABudget UpdateDavid Stockman/James Baker
Balanced Budget-Tax Limitation Constitutional Amendment Edwin Meese/David Stockman
Report on Waste, Fraud and Abuse Initiative Jim Wright
Mandatory Retirement Age Initiative Robert Carleson
Federal Home Mortgage Corporation Lawrence Kudlow
05/20/1982068971CAEPA Annual Report
Clean Water Act
Budget Update
OECD Discussions
07/15/1982077374CAU.S.-Soviet Long-Term Grain Agreement
Product Liability
07/20/1982077390CSFederal Plan to Assist Historically Black Colleges and Universities
South Florida Task Force
Independent Contracting
A Report on the Budget and the Economic Outlook
07/31/1982082613CSMid-Term Planning Process [I]:  Introduction - Sructuring the Process - Demographic Trends Edwin Meese
08/04/1982092612CSOffice of Policy Development Planning Process Edwin Meese/Edwin Harper
09/22/1982077478CS[American] Indian PolicySecretary Schweiker
11/19/1982077600CACombined Federal CampaignSecretary Lewis
Budget Update David Stockman
11/23/1982098419SSTransportation User FeeDavid Stockman/Secretary Lewis
MX Basing DecisionWilliam Clark
12/06/1982252917PD Private Sector Initiatives Jay Moorhead/Bill Verity
Administration SpokesmenThe President
South American TripThe President
General Agreement on Tariffs and TradeAmbassador Brock
Budget Review Process David Stockman
12/16/1982077660CSIndividual Education Accounts (IEA)/CCHR   [Cabinet Council on Human Resources]
Improving Math and Science Education (CCHR)
Education Vouchers/CCHR
Federal Financing Bank/CCEA [Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs]
01/13/1982117283CAPresidential Personnel PolicyHelene von Damm
Budget UpdateDavid Stockman
01/18/1983252916PD Press Guidance The President
PersonnelHelene von Damm
Budget OutlineDavid Stockman
Social Security Outline David Stockman
02/02/1983077757Combined Federal Campaign Don Devine
Federal Regional CouncilsEdwin Meese
Agricultural Credit Outlook Frank Naylor
Commodity DistributionMary Jarrett
02/08/1983077778National Gas DecontrolSecretary Hodel/Danny Boggs
03/24/1983118575CUPersonnel Incentive System ReformDon Devine/Patrick Korten
Antitrust PolicyWilliam Baxter
03/29/1983118584Remaining Antitrust IssuesAttorney General Smith
Property Review BoardEdwin Meese/David Stockman
Work Space InitiativeEdwin Harper
04/18/1983133260CABudget BriefingDavid Stockman
04/21/1983118640CS, 133215CA Agricultural Marketing Orders David Stockman
Health Insurance for the Unemployed David Stockman
Immigration PolicyAttorney General Smith
President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control Briefing Edwin Meese
President's Reorganization Authority Joe Wright
Re-authorization of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Joe Wright
Paperwork Reduction Act Joe Wright
05/12/1983144736CACM 40 CCNRE [Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment]:  Strategic    Petroleum Reserves
Food Stamp Regulatory Reform
CCEA:  UI [Unempolyment Insurance] Benefits to Displaced Workers for Training
05/18/1983118688Budget Breidfing
Property Reveiw Board
Payment-in-Kind (PIK) UpdateSecretary Block
05/24/1983118702[Women's Issues (I)]: Update on Women's ConcernsFaith Whittlesey
[Women's Issues I]: Overview of IssuesEdwin Harper
Economic Equality for Women:  Equal Pay
Economic Equality for Women:  Occupational Opportunities for Women in the Federal GovernmentEdwin Harper
Economic Equality for Women: Job SharingEdwin Harper
Economic Equality for Women: Flex-Time Edwin Harper
Economic Equality for Women: DOT [Department of Transportation] InitiativesElizabeth Dole
Economic Equality for Women: Day Care: Dependent Care Tax Credit R.T. McNamar
Economic Equality for Women: Day Care: Private Sector Child Care Jim Coyne
Economic Equity for Women:  Child Support: Child Support EnforcementSecretary Heckler
Economic Equity for Women:  Child Support: Update of IRS Assistance in Child Support Enforcement R. T. McNamar
Economic Equity Pension EquitySecretary Donovan
Economic Equity Pension Equity: IRA:  Spousal Contributions R. T. McNamar
Legal Equity for Women: Gender-Based Insurance RatesEdwin Harper
Reagan Appointments of WomenJohn Herrington
Concerns of Members of CongressNancy Risque
06/01/1983118727Women's Issues [II]: Pension Equity (CCLP [Cabinet Council on Legal Policy]Secretary Donovan
Women's Issues [II]: IRA: Spousal ContributionCCEA/Secretary Regan
Women's Issues [II]: Gender Based Insurance Rates CCHR/Edwin Harper
Women's Issues [II]: Reagan Appointments of WomenJohn Herrington
Women's Issues [II]: Concerns of Members of CongressNancy Risque
Women's Issues [II]: Disability Reform Plan CCHR
Women's Issues [II]: Medicare Hospice Reimbursement CCHR
06/08/1983118745CAICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) DeregulationThe Vice President
08/09/1983118830Report of the Southwest Border States Working Group Robert Dederick
09/06/1983160230CAForeign AffairsLawrence Eagleburger
Economic UpdateSecretary Regan/Martin Feldstein
1985 Budget ProcessDavid Stockman
09/13/1983160249Foreign Policy Briefing: Review: Review of Current U.S./Soviet Relations [Following KAL 007 Incident]Secretary Shultz
Foreign Policy Briefing: Review: U.N. ReviewAmbassador Kirkpatrick
Foreign Policy Briefing: Review: Review of Lebanon SituationSecretary Shultz
Economic Impact of the Drought Richard Lyng
10/14/1983167867CSThe Economic Equity Act of 1983
10/17/1983168803, 167867CS"Drug Tsar" LegislationEd Schmults
Economic Equity Act of 1983Secretary Regan
10/25/1983 162123CA Briefing on Grenada The President, Robert McFarlane, Secretary Shultz, Secretary Weinberger, and Prime Minister Eugenia Charles of Dominica
11/01/19831677191985 Budget BriefingDavid Stockman
01/24/1984195669CAState of the Union Briefing Ed Meese/James Baker
02/01/1984195701CACampaign OverviewJames Baker
02/28/1984195814Iran/Iraq War: [implications for energy supply] (Fairbanks/Hodel) Richard Fairbanks/Secretary Hodel
Consultant Services Controls C. Brown
Advisory Committees ReviewBruce Chapman
School Prayer [Amendment]Faith Whittlesey
04/16/1984206342CABudget BriefiingDavid Stockman
05/10/1984206433Federal Employees' Safety and HealthSecretary Donovan/Tyson
Federal Civilian Employment, FTE (Full-Time Employees) Reduction GoalsDon Devine
Briefing on the President's Trip to ChinaSecretary Shultz
05/24/1984204666President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Grace Commission) David Stockman/Craig Fuller
06/28/1984169019Federal Civilian Employment [Reduction]
Federal Employee Productivity
Productivity Improvement in Government Services: Contracting Out (OMB Circular No. A-76)
07/09/1984240287CA[general announcements; filming of a documentary]
08/16/1984218109CAInternational Affairs BriefingSecretary Shultz
Economic Outlook BriefingSecretary Regan
Mid-Session Budget ReviewDavid Stockman
11/13/1984269197CAOverview of Budget
Policy Review
11/15/1984269197CAReview of Economic Assumptions
11/27/1984247037CATax Simplification Presentation Secretary Regan
12/05/1984278923CARemarks by the Presdient
Spending ReductionsDavid Stockman
12/19/1984281342CAManagement InitiativesJoseph Wright
01/10/1985284021CABriefing on the Geneva Talks Secretary Shultz
ReorganizationJoseph Wright
Announcement of Personnel ActionsThe President
Combined Federal CampaignThe President
01/15/1985249363CA; 285214CA Federal Reorganization InitiativesJoseph Wright
Regulatory Planning Process [E.O. 12498] (Stockman/Ginsberg) David Stockman/Doug Ginsberg
01/17/1985285967CA Committee on the Next Agenda: ReportEdwin Meese
Orientation Program for New Employees Edwin Meese
Federal Employee Safety and Health (Ford/Rowland) Ford B. Ford/Bob Rowland
FY '86 Budget Briefing David Stockman
01/29/1985169125Briefing on Agricultural Economic Conditions Secretary Block/Frank Naylor
Management Reform Legislation Joseph Wright
Report of the President's Council on Integrity and EfficiencyJoseph Wright
02/05/1985 270578Briefing on Economic ReportBill Niskanen
Briefing on Management ReportJoseph Wright
Briefing on the State of the Union Craig Fuller
02/26/1985296811Farm Credit ReviewSecretary Block
Foreign Affairs Update Secretary Shultz
03/27/1985292603Health Aspects of Drug AbuseIan MacDonald
Drug Trafficking EnforcementLowell Jensen/Daniel Murphy/J. Thomas/
Lawrence Korb
04/08/1985270924CABudget Briefing [Deficit Reduction Plan]David Stockman
04/15/1985231936CA; 273405CA; 292511CA 1986 Budget Resolution; Briefing on the Budget Davi Stockman
Nicaragua/Aid to Contras; Briefing on NicaraguaSecretary Shultz
05/28/1985232122CA Tax Reform Simplification ProgramSecretary Baker
06/20/1985275360CA Update on Hostage SituationDonald Regan
Reagan Tax ProgramDonald Regan
Affirmative ActionDonald Regan
Regulatory ProgramDonald Regan
Communications with the White HouseDonald Relanegan
07/01/1985275380CS Review of the Hostage SituationRobert McFarlane
Review of Diplomatic Efforts of Release the Hostages and Its ImplicationsSecretary Shultz
Airport and Airplane Safety Donald Engen
07/25/1985292468CABriefing in China and President Li's Visit John Whitehead
Update on the Budget David Stockman
Report on Tax ReformJames Baker
Review of Farm BillSecretary Block
Legal Recourse to the TWA HijackingAttorney General Meese
08/08/1985275684Planning for Fiscal Year 1987 Joseph Wright
09/03/1985275991CA, 318745 [The next 120 days]: Review of Legislative Agenda Max Friedersdorf
[The next 120 days]: Budget/Appropriations Process Joseph Wright
[The next 120 days]: International OutlookSecretary Shultz
09/05/1985275979CA[Key Department Priorities -- Departmental Budget Submissions to OMB]
10/01/1985326890CS Continuing ResolutionJoseph Wright
Appropriations Bills Joseph Wright
Budget Process for FY 1987 Joseph Wright
Debt Ceiling (Wright) Joseph Wright
Review of Foreign Affairs Robert McFarlane
11/13/1985351499CA Pre-Geneva Briefing Secretary Shultz/Robert McFarlane
Trip to RussiaSecretary Pierce
Fiscal '87 Budget Concerns Jim Miller
11/22/1985353080CAReport on the Geneva Summit President Reagan/Secretary Shultz
12/12/1985364022CABriefing on Fiscal 1987 Budget Jim Miller
01/23/1986367642 State of the Union [Address]
03/04/1986377728CA, 383435SS Foreign Policy UpdateSecretary Shultz
Defense Budget UpdateSecretary Weinberger
05/08/1986392341CA, 392526CA [Far East Trip/Tokyo Economic Summit]: Trip Overview The President
[Far East Trip/Tokyo Economic Summit]: Economic Aspects Don Regan
[Far East Trip/Tokyo Economic Summit]: ASEAN Meetings/ Political Discussions/Bilaterals John Poindexter
[Far East Trip/Tokyo Economic Summit]: Discussion All Participants
08/04/1986400993 Drug Abuse PolicyCarlton Turner
09/09/1986401536SS Foreign Policy OverviewSecretary Shultz
Congressional OutlookWill Ball
Political UpdateMitch Daniels
Budget ReviewJim Miller
09/11/1986424708CA Drug Abuse PolicyAttorney General Meese/Secretary Bennett/Secretary Bowen
10/16/1986420332CA Debriefing on Iceland Meeting John Poindexter
Congressional Windup Jim Miller
Political Outlook Mitch Daniels
11/06/1986440093CA, 440155CA Opening Remarks The President
Analysis of the ElectionsMitch Daniels
The New CongressWill Ball
Budget Deadlines for FY '88 Jim Miller
The '87 AgendaDon Regan
12/03/1986446348CA [FY 1988 Budget Proposal:  Passback Decisions] The President/Jim Miller
12/16/1986448167CA 1987 Agenda [Building For the 21st Century] The President/Don Regan
01/13/1987448501CA Domestic Policy CouncilAttorney General Edwin Meese
Economic Policy CouncilSecretary Baker
National Security CouncilFrank Carlucci
03/02/1987462327CA Opening Remarks (The Vice President)
-- Tower Board Recommendations (Carlucci)
The Vice President
Briefing on the Tower Board Report David Abshire/Peter Wallison
Introduction of [New] Chief of Staff The President/Howard Baker
Tower Board RecommnendationsFrank Carlucci
03/24/1987447207CS, 464627CA Management Improvement Goals Joseph Wright/Jim Miller
04/07/1987447270SS, 464700 [President's trip to] CanadaThe President
[Introduction of new White House staff membersThe President
[Cabinet/White House coordination] Howard Baker
Domestic Agenda [Priorities in remainder of term]The President/Ed Feulner/Cabinet Secretaries
[Conclusion]The President
04/21/1987447462CS, 520303CU [Summary of previous meeting The President
Domestic Agenda (continuation) Secretary Pierce/Secretary Bennett/Peter Myers
Arms Reduction Talks with the Soviet Union The President /Secretary Shultz
04/23/1987447463CS [Cabinet/White House relations] Howard Baker/Cabinet Secretaries
[Adherence to Gramm/Rudman/ Hollings Legislation]Howard Baker
07/02/1987506037CSThe Economic Bill of Rights The President
07/16/1987506009CS Mid-Session Budget ReviewThe President
08/10/1987509336CA Constitution Bicentennial
Central America
Persian Gulf
10/08/1987523683Bork NominationHoward Baker
AIDS Commission StatusHoward Baker
Hatch Act BillJim Miller
11/02/1987523592CS Supreme Court Nominee [Douglas Ginsburg] The President
The Economy and Deficit Reductions Secretary Baker/Howard Baker/Jim Miller/Beryl Sprinkel
U.S.-Soviet Activity and INF The President/Secretary Shultz
11/12/1987523684 Supreme Court Nominee [Douglas Ginsburg]
Budget Negotiations: Update
11/19/1987523758CS, 528104CA Budget NegotiationsThe President/Howard Baker/ Secretary Baker/Jim Miller
Supreme Court Nominee [Anthony Kennedy] The President/Attorney General Meese/Howard Baker
Central American PolicySecretary Shultz
[Toast to Caspar Weinberger] The President
11/30/1987523700CS Combined Federal CampaignSecretary Bowen
Deficit Reduction Agreement The President, et al.
U.S.-Soviet Summit The President - Secretary Shultz/ Colin Powell/Tom Griscomm
12/14/1987523935CS, 531203CA U.S.-Soviet SummitThe President
BudgetThe President
01/19/1988551817State of the Union Address Howard Baker
01/25/1988538862CA, 538948 State of the Union [Address] and Legislative Message The President/Howard Baker
Upcoming Vote on Contra Aid; Nicaragua The President/Colin Powell
02/11/1988524169 Budget Review The President
02/22/19885245030CA 1988 Economic Report of the President The President/Beryl Sprinkel
Trade Bill The President/Secretary Baker
03/08/1988545150 Review of NATO Summit The President/Howard Baker/Colin Powell
03/31/1988554861CA Briefing [re:  Political Goals for 1988]Frank Donatelli
Trade LegislationSecretary Baker/Ambassador Yeutter
U.S.-Soviet Relations Secretary Shultz/Colin Powell
Central AmericaSecretary Shultz/Colin Powell
05/24/1988562417CA U.S.-Soviet Summit The President/[Tom Griscom/Secretary Shultz/Frank Carlucci/ Colin Powell])
06/23/1988583666CA, 583773CU [Toronto] Economic Summit Briefing The President/Secretary Shultz/Secretary Baker
Privitization Report Domestic Policy Council
Drought Update Secretary Lyng
07/01/1988575001CS [Update on the Drought]
[Interim Report of Interagency Drought Task Force]
07/12/1988575127CS[1988 Campaign]The President
Drought UpdateSecretary Lyng
Persian Gulf SituationFrank Carlucci/John Whitehead
Report on Quality Workforce ConferenceSecretary Bennett/Secretary Verity
07/25/1988585467, 597002 [Briefing on the Drought]Secretary Lyng/Secretary Hodel/Jim Miller
[Photo Ops, TVA]Connie Horner
[Canada Free Trade Agreement Signing]
10/02/1988588653[Welcoming of Thornburgh, N. Brady, and Cavazos] The President
Current Economic ExpansionBeryl Sprinkel
11/10/1988606625CA Transition
FY 90 Budget Briefing
12/21/1988606731CAUruguay Round Mid-Term Review Ambassador Yeutter
1990 BudgetThe President/Joseph Wright
[Regulatory Review]The President