White House Office of Records Management Subject Files: Arts (AR)

2.0 linear feet; Box 1-6

A primary subject category containing materials relating to the fine arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry, prose, writing, music, dancing, theater, museums, languages, engravings, and dramatic art.

File Code Description Research
AR Arts (2.0 ft; Box 1-6)
This primary subject category contains materials relating to federal appointments regarding the arts; select poems, music, and drawings from citizens sent to the President usually through their Senators or Representatives; art loans and needed items for museums from federal holdings, US signing and compliance with the Berne Convention on protection of literary and art works; delegations of authority needed to bring US participation in the 1970 UNESCO Convention on Cultural Property; correspondence both pro and con for the establishment of English as the national language; requests for support of various cultural institutions; requests to perform for the President and various visiting dignitaries; small amounts of material from the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities on ongoing business and reports; and various Congressional resolutions on fine arts related matters.

Research Availability:
Open - all records in the subject category have been processed and are available for research
Partial - some of the records in the subject category have been processed and available for research
None - no records in the subject category have been processed nor made available for research