White House Office of Records Management Subject Files: Immigration (IM)

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Immigration - Naturalization (23.5 linear feet; boxes 1-52 & 1 OA Box)
This primary subject category contains material relating to the administration of immigration and naturalization laws relating to the admission, exclusion, registration and deportation of aliens resident in the United States.  Material within this category concerns information regarding foreigners requesting Visas to visit or remain in the United States.  The category also includes materials on Reagan Administration immigration and naturalization policy; political asylum policies; the SAVE Program (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements); the influx of refugees from Haiti, Cuba, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and other countries; the efforts of the administration to influence Soviet Union policies regarding the emigration of individuals and families to the United States and Israel; the deportation of suspected Nazi war criminals; the Immigration Act of 1985; Presidential proclamations suspending temporary visits of Cuban and Panamanian officials; and efforts to control illegal immigration.



Research Availability:
Open - all records in the subject category have been processed and are available for research
Partial - some of the records in the subject category have been processed and available for research
None - no records in the subject category have been processed nor made available for research